A Yard Ramp Christmas in August

Santa's All Ramped Up

In the past few days, we've nearly doubled our posted listings of Used Yard Ramp Inventory.

We've also added one-third more listings to our Yard Ramp Rental Inventory.

Some of those mobile yard ramps and stationary dock ramps are part of our For Sale by Owner program, the sweetest in the business. (We handle everything – the quote preparation, including obtaining freight quotes, off-loading considerations, and follow-ups with the prospects.)

All have optional turnkey solutions, in which we handle the details of the move and/or installation.

Our current distribution has available ramps in some 20 states. And, given the nation's population centers, our ramps sit within 250 miles of 90 percent of the population.

The Yard Ramp Guy: Nice Distribution

What that means for you is a better ability to save on delivery costs and delivery time.

Speaking of time, if you need or want something new, we now have both new mobile yard ramps and stationary dock ramps in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Alongside our, again, industry-leading pricing, we're pleased to offer access to yard ramp financing opportunities for those companies that can't or don't want to pull the full price from their accounts.

However you purchase your yard ramp, keep in mind the Section 179 Deduction in which Uncle Same allows you to deduct the full price of qualifying equipment, up to $1,050,000.

The Yard Ramp Guy heartily invites you to explore our blossoming inventory.

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Angling Our Yard Ramp Strategy

Memo from Mann: Making Business Decisions

To Keep It Turning

In my view, you really can't top Yogi Berra's comment: "When you come to a fork in the road, take it."

Given that, let me humbly add a bit of perspective.

There are forks in the road throughout life and the life of a company. Pick the path to the left, you get a certain result. Pick the path to the right, you get a very different outcome.

I believe the criteria for determining if you’ve reached a true “fork” is whether the outcomes are so profoundly different that your very life, or the lifeline of your company, will be altered based on this single choice.

Though we're physically located in the Chicago metropolitan area, The Yard Ramp Guy's reach is national. By synthesizing lessons learned in my professional career, this company has been able to create and maintain business relationships and also place ramps across the country in a robust way. We now have a footprint in 49 of the 50 states (here's looking at you, Vermont).

In the digital age, this website serves as our business card, catalogue, and center of our marketing platform. The site itself has had two main iterations, beginning with the original platform when I founded the company in 2011. When I decided to replatform from the original site in 2015, I held extensive consultations and nearly contracted with a large development and marketing company. One moment, however, gave me pause. The company told me that their contact form module could not accommodate more than 10 elements. Our Contact Form required 15 elements.

This five-element differential proved crucial, for a couple of reasons.

First of all, our receiving those 15 elements helps my team clarify the request of our potential buyers and renters prior to our first phone call; we respect a company's time and certainly don't want to waste it.

Secondly, if that development company was unwilling to modify a contact form, we wondered about the possibility (or likelihood) of rigid, uncompromising responses to any and all of our future requests.

Enter the tag team from New Montage Creative and Linktas. In my eyes, they collaborated seamlessly on the site replatforming; they continue to partner effectively on maintenance and online marketing. Trust is essential. As with all the vendors I've chosen to work with, I trust them.

Computers should hum like refrigerators. The best of them layer on updates with minimal fuss. Our www.YardrRampGuy.com website has too many moving parts⏤dozens of pages, hundreds of blog entries, Storefront integrations, triangulated marketing initiatives⏤for me to have ever expected it'd hum like a refrigerator. And yet, it does.

What's the secret to this particular success? Communication: a combination of my digital needs and their recommendations, parsed and synthesized into a growing, effective engine that helps drive The Yard Ramp Guy's business.

Oh, and our Contact Form? It has the 15 elements I needed. Was not an issue for these guys.

Jeff Mann
Founder and President

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A YRG Roundup

What We Do

The Yard Ramp Guy: What We Do

Reviewing our analytics from 2020, it occurs to us that the majority of people visiting The Yard Ramp Guy for the first time⏤especially in this blog space⏤might feel like they're walking into a movie (remember going to the movies?) halfway through the film. While we campaign to display our value propositions in a clear and compelling way on each page, clarifying the twists and turns of our business model might be in order here.

Of the tens of thousands of users visiting our website, the vast majority of them are coming here for the first time. That metric reflects a couple of things: first, they're finding us on the Internet, through a combination of what our web guy calls "triangulation"⏤using the various organic search engine optimization techniques and social media to help drive people here.

Second, those new visitor numbers reflect the fact that yard ramps simply last a good long time. A quality yard ramp has an average lifespan of some 17 years. We have a proud and strong number of companies with which we've conducted repeat business. It's just that they don't need our equipment replaced as often as, say, a new pair of shoes.

So, to be sure: The Yard Ramp Guy rents, sells, and buys new and used yard ramps throughout the United States.

That statement is in the top banner of every page on our site. And while we stock used inventory from a number of brands, our new inventory⏤whether in stock and ready to ship or requisitioned for fresh production comes from Bluff Manufacturing of Ft. Worth, Texas; Mid-State Ramps of Denton, North Carolina; and QMH of Rancho Cucamonga, California. Each crafts outstanding quality products and are the three leading makers of yard ramps.

Other manufacturers make quality yard ramps, though not, in our opinion, with the same commitment to the vertical product line. They also sell at price points beyond our business model. We would have no hesitation to re-sell one of their ramps as used. However, for most of our customers' applications, they do not match our goal for being the most reliable and lowest priced yard ramp dealer in the country.

We are, proudly, the leading Yard Ramp Rental supplier in the United States. As a testament to our success, other (much larger) companies followed our lead soon after we launched the service in 2011. Our difference? We provide Real Rental Inventory, Convenient Locations, and Streamlined Shipping/Delivery.

Since our founding in 2011, we've grown year-over-year to become the material handling industry's "go-to guy" for buying Used Yard Ramps. Our inventory listings are bolstered by our industry-leading Live Locator Map. This provides you with a visual tab on our ramp locations, and that helps reduce delivery time and freight charges of the yard ramp to your business.

Our recently-launched New Yard Ramps: In Stock and Ready to Ship are a Yard Ramp Guy innovation: the same quality inventory, only with no production time needed. They're at select locations right now, waiting for you.

Our Yard Ramp Guy Brokerage Service works like this: Instead of shooting you an insulting and time-wasting offer for your ramp, we share with you the market value based on our appraisal and the geographical location of your ramp. We handle everything⏤the quote preparation including obtaining freight quotes, off-loading considerations and follow-ups with the prospects. We will split the final sale price: 70% for you, 30% for The Yard Ramp Guy. Nope, that's not a typo.

Beyond that, and as a superb value-added service, our optional Turnkey Delivery and Installation Services has us doing the heavy lifting, literally so, for your off-load and dock installation needs.

Throughout any and every aspect of what we offer, you should expect and enjoy a respectful, continuous flow of communication when working with The Yard Ramp Guy. During your purchasing process, expect follow ups. While we process your rental or sale, expect updates. And expect a sincere thank you when our work is done.

Our foundational statement, in which we firmly believe:

We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

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Eric Aguilera: Into The Yard Ramp Guy Mix

It's in His DNA

Eric Aguilera
Eric Aguilera

The Yard Ramp Guy is very pleased to welcome Eric Aguilera, our newest team member, as our Rental and "Sell-Your-Ramp" Coordinator.

He joins the polished sales team that includes Sales Consultant Mike Myers and Sales Coordinator Jim Kunze.

Married to Andrea, an ultrasound technician, and with two young children, Eric hails from Southern California.

His insight into our industry flows from and through his family. His father, a purchasing manager, worked for many years with a lift company. His mother works as an accountant for a construction company. His uncle has a forklift business.

Eric has been hearing stories about the trade for years. So, it's no surprise that he's absorbed and continued a sort of family tradition.

In school, his favorite teacher taught biology, and Eric especially appreciated his approach: if you knew the material, then everything was okay. If not, there was a problem. In this way, Eric learned the importance of "knowing your stuff."

His early employment is a fascinating collection. Served in a restaurant at Disneyland (which taught hard work and managing time). Became a security guard for events at Staples Center (which taught how to keep your calm). He helped build space shuttles, working as a composite technician, laying carbon fiber materials on the outside of the shuttles.

Eric also worked for a time with his father at the lift company, taking inventory. This taught him precision and informed his passion for marketing.

Now with The Yard Ramp Guy, Eric will be our rental and "Sell-Your-Ramp" coordinator. Our business process is "done right," he says. "It's perfect. I love the automation of it."

Of our founder and president Jeff Mann, he says, "Jeff is cool. He's a sports guy. He's a good conversation and has some great stories. One quality I especially notice: he cares about his customers like I've never seen. He always strives for something that's fair for both us and the customer."

Says Jeff: "Eric joins The Yard Ramp Guy team full of energy and industry knowledge. We project increasing our total revenues for 2021 by the same 25% growth rate we enjoyed in 2020. With Eric taking over ramp rentals and used ramp intake, we may push well beyond our lofty goals. I look forward to working with Eric closely and watching him unlock his full potential."

Welcome, Eric.

This week, our man McCoy Fields once again lofts us into orbit, only to remind us to take out the trash..

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Your Holiday Ramp Cheer

YRG: Rolling in the New Year

'Twas days before New Year's, when all through the show
all the workers were stirring, especially the CEO.
The pallets were stacked by the bay door with care
in hopes that freight loading soon would be there.

Yet the forklifts were idle, though the batteries weren't dead,
with team members slacking, full of holiday cake, well fed.
And the foreman was twiddling his thumbs: this was no mishap,
as he stared from the bay to the ground at the four-foot gap.

When out on the roadway there rose such a ruckus,
that the company jumped to see what was the rumpus.
Even old Elmer, for years hard of hearing,
pushed aside the burly guys to gander through the clearing.

The December sun on the pavement below
focused a light on a delivery of steel, all aglow.
They thought, "Yes, this is the way to get out of the room
and keep us from meeting yet again via Zoom!"

There on the flatbed, now parked in the lot:
the shimmering yard ramp they had just bought.
Absolutely nobody now was taking a nap
as they admired the yard ramp with a 20K-pound cap.

It was 84 inches wide, it was 36 feet long,
constructed with all steel frame and deck to make it strong.
What's this? Why, four solid rubber profile tires⏤how noble:
just what they needed to make the ramp mobile.

What's that? A double-acting hydraulic pump, you say?
Quite the thing to align with our bay.
And more: safety chains for safety, which proves
a great partner to the ramp clamp, you know, for the moves.

And there, complete: The Yard Ramp Guy, like Santa,
organizing deliveries from Portland to Atlanta,
of new and used ramps for sale and for rental,
helping businesses in a way elemental.

New ramps from QMH and Mid-State and Bluff
guaranteed to get the team off its collective duff.
Don't have time or tools to set it up? Oh, my. Oh, me.
No worries. The Yard Ramp Guy has services of turnkey.

Yes, they're new or they're used, these quality yard ramps,
smoothly helping American industries perform like champs.
And for an extra measure, beyond top-notch production,
you can take advantage of a special tax deduction.

With great relief, we bid the year 2020 adieu
and hope that 2021 brings peace with something new...
Like a fantastic loading dock. G'head, give it a try.
Happy New Year to you, from The Yard Ramp Guy.

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