Yule Be Singing This

To Your Health, from The Yard Ramp Guy Team

Our year-end roundup, in verse…

Oh, the opportunity is rightful
With the economy delightful
And since you’ve made your biz a champ
Buy a ramp! Rent a ramp! Buy a ramp!

Man it doesn’t show signs of stopping
This inclined plane is hopping
All our stuff from high to low
Business grow! Business grow! Business grow!

When we finally close the deal
How I’ll hate arranging delivery
But you’ll turnkey my ramp for real?
All set up, and for a low fee!

And the year is now down-winding
And my taxman is still replying:
“Take the Section 179 Deduction
Tax Reduction! Tax Reduction! Tax Reduction!”

When we finally close the ’22 books
How I’ll love having streamlined the place
And if you want to know how it looks
I gotta say that yard ramp adds grace.

Oh, I know it’s three-tons of steel
With some wheels and chains and a clamp
But if you want to know how I feel
Love the ramp! Love the ramp! Love the ramp!

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