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Current Rental Inventory

YRG #3116VIEWMoreno ValleyCAImmediately20K lbs84”36'3116
VIEWOxnardCA01/30/202120K lbs84”36'3108
YRG #3109VIEWVisaliaCA11/16/202020K lbs84”36'3109
VIEWDenverCOImmediately16K lbs96”32'8731
#6157VIEWLargoFL10/21/202016K lbs84”36'6157
YRG #3110VIEWPerryFL11/03/202020K lbs84”36'3110
YRG #3111VIEWPerryFL11/03/202020K lbs84”36'3111
YRG #3098VIEWTampaFLImmediately20K lbs84”36'3098
VIEWTampaFL08/24/202020K lbs84”36'3114
VIEWTampaFLImmediately20K lbs84”36'N0001
YRG #3103VIEWLaSalleIL05/15/202025K lbs84”36'3103
YRG #3104VIEWLaSalleILImmediately25K lbs84”36'3104
VIEWPlatte CityMOImmediately20K lbs84”36'M0002
VIEWDurhamNC09/24/202030K lbs95”38'8188
YRG #3101VIEWGibbstownNJ12/09/202020K lbs84”36'3101
YRG #3092VIEWToledoOHImmediately20K lbs84”36'3092
YRG #3102VIEWToledoOHImmediately25K lbs84”36'3102
VIEWEugeneORImmediately20K lbs84”35'8641
YRG #3077VIEWCarlislePAImmediately20K lbs84"35'3077
#3099VIEWCarlislePAImmediately20K lbs84”36'3099
YRG #3106VIEWLongviewTXImmediately20K lbs84”36'3106
VIEWLongviewTXImmediately30K lbs84”30'8176b
#3094VIEWCodyWYImmediately20K lbs84”35'3094

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The Yard Ramp Guy:

Rentals Across the Nation

The Yard Ramp Guy Difference

We are proud to be the leading yard ramp rental supplier in the United States. As a testament to our success, other (much larger) companies followed our lead soon after we launched the service in 2011. Here’s what makes us different in providing temporary loading dock ramp solutions:

  • Real Rental Inventory. The listings on this page are all REAL. Other companies direct you to “Call for a Quote.” This is because they do not actually maintain a real fleet of ramps available to rent, typically resulting in a sales pitch to buy a new ramp.
  • Convenient Locations. With yard ramps located throughout the United States, most of Yard Ramps, Inc. inventory sits within 250 miles of 90% of the population. That’s important for speeding up delivery and cutting your freight costs.
  • Streamlined Shipping/Delivery. Yes, shipping 30'-long ramps that weigh up to 10 tons can present logistical challenges! Over the years, we’ve perfected a system for efficient delivery, developing close working relationships with a network of flatbed truckers and wreckers.

YRG: Inventory Coast to Coast
The Yard Ramp Guy: Rentals Across the Nation

First We Earn Your Trust, Then We Earn Your Business.

You should expect and enjoy a respectful, continuous flow of communication when working with The Yard Ramp Guy. During your purchasing process, expect follow ups. While we process your rental or sale, expect updates. And expect a sincere thank you when our work is done.

The Yard Ramp Guy: Adaptable to Your Time & Needs.

From Recycling to Event Planning and from Retail to Automotive and Food Processing, The Yard Ramp Guy is proud to help place our yard ramps used to improve the workflow of some of the highest revenue-generating industries in the nation.

Our short-term yard ramp rentals provide delivery of your ramp anywhere you need it. When a large sporting event producer needs to load and offload a million pounds of staging equipment for a four-day event at an outdoor arena without loading docks, they call The Yard Ramp Guy.

For warehouses with temporary surges in shipment processing, we offer longer-term rental options to prevent standstills in productivity of loading and unloading of seasonal freight.

We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.