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Save on shipping and get faster delivery by buying a ramp near you. We also maintain inventory depots in Hesperia & Tracy, CA; Lakeland, FL; La Salle, IL; Denton, NC; St. Clairsville & Toledo, OH; Carlisle, PA; and DFW Metro & Houston, TX. Our factories, freight broker, and turnkey service providers are also standing by for your orders.


Inventory Ramps Throughout the West
also with Depot Locations in
Hesperia, CA • Tracy, CA


Inventory Ramps Across the Midwest
also with Depot Locations in:
La Salle, IL • St. Clairsville & Toledo, OH • DFW Metro & Houston, TX


Inventory Ramps Throughout the East Coast
also with Depot Locations in
Lakeland, FL • Denton, NC • Carlisle, PA

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A Note on Steel Pricing

Due to recent volatility in the steel industry, our factories are passing through to us a "steel surcharge" on new yard ramps. We, in turn, will pass through this charge to our customers without markup.

As with prior spikes in steel pricing, we believe this is a temporary condition. Economists are predicting steel demand to significantly outpace supply through the end of 2021.

Fortunately for our customers, The Yard Ramp Guy's status as the #1 dealer for each of the three factories we represent means the factor used to calculate our steel surcharge is considerably more favorable than that of our competitors.

We will continue to sell yard ramps at pricing lower than our competitors and lower than our factories will sell directly to end users.

Thank you for your understanding as we all navigate these continued strange times. 

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Turnkey Delivery & Installation

Take advantage of a terrific value-added option: With our Turnkey Delivery and Installation Services, we're able to transport, off-load, and install your loading dock.

We literally do the heavy lifting for your Off-Load and Dock Installation needs. 

While you focus on what you do for a living, we focus on saving you time and money.

Shop our online store of more than 160 new and used mobile and stationary yard ramps from our leading manufacturers: 

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"We have purchased two new ramps from The Yard Ramp Guy within the past two years. From ramp selection to payment to final delivery, they make the process simple and efficient. The delivery dates were honored. The ramps arrived in excellent condition, ready for installation. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a new yard ramp."

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  • And expect a sincere thank you when our work is done.

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