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  * If you are BUYING a ramp, The Yard Ramp Guy assumes a used ramp may be your first preference and will automatically discuss the current status of available used ramps with you.


  ** If you are RENTING a ramp, please note ramps are rented at a minimum of the one-month rental rate. Exceptions may be considered. Please note your situation in the note area below.

NOTE: The weight of your forklift has no relevance. We need to know the maximum load your forklift can lift.

The industry standard for determining the required capacity of your ramp is to multiply the Maximum Loading Capacity of the forklift by 3x. The ramp capacity should meet or exceed this calculation. Look on the dashboard of your forklift. Please be sure you are noting the lifting capacity and NOT the weight of the forklift.

Our used yard ramps might be available for rental.

Contact us at 888.977.4224 for additional
and most up-to-date information.

Pricing Subject to Change Without Notice


With depots strategically located throughout the country, our yard ramp inventory is generally within 250 miles of 90% of the population. Which means lower freight costs and reduced time in transit.