Videos on Yard Ramp Safety and Set-Up

These videos are recommended for first time users and provide information on:
  • Unloading your yard ramp upon taking delivery
  • Set-up and general features
  • Important safety features
  • Moving your ramp with trailer hitch

Yard Ramp General Features

Factory Shipping and Taking Delivery: Unloading a Yard Ramp

Due to their unwieldy shape and weight, flatbed trucks are used to transport yard ramps. Offloading the ramp requires a truck crane.

Yard Ramp in Use

Chaining Your Yard Ramp

Safety chains keep the ramp in place.


This video shows how to use a forklift to unload a ramp from a flatbed truck.

Ground to Platform—6' Level off

Ground to Truck—Set in Place

Installation Notes: Testing the Caster

Once the lip of the yard ramp has been placed on the edge of the dock or back of your truck bed, secure the safety chains and be certain the casters are well off the ground before using the ramp.