We Offer the Largest Inventory of Used Yard Ramps and Portable Loading Docks in the U.S.

Since 2011, we've grown to become the material handling industry's "go-to guy" for buying pre-owned yard ramps. Unlike cars, yard ramps can't be traded in for new. Yet, buying a used yard ramp (which has an average useful life of 17 years) is a wise buying decision for companies that want to minimize capital expenditures. To ensure structural integrity, we visually inspect all ramps before buying them directly from a seller or acting as a broker. Most of our buyers let us arrange the somewhat complex shipping: via flatbed trailer and requiring a crane truck to unload at destination. Transit time depends on distance; generally, deliveries are made between 1-3 days for a dedicated truck and 3-5 days for shared load.

Used Yard Ramp Inventory

YRG #3116VIEWMission ViejoCA$9,500.0020K lbs84”36'3116
MSRP: $10,475
16K lbs84”36'6157
MSRP: $10,475
16K lbs84”36'8572
MSRP: $12,795
20K lbs84”36'8573
MSRP: $18,665
Platform & Ramp: See Listing for Specs8498
VIEWDouglasvilleGA$11,900.0020K lbs84”36'N0001
VIEWSt. JosephMO$13,495.00
MSRP: $16,450
20K lbs84"36'M0002
YRG #8049VIEWLibbyMT$41,700.00
MSRP: $67,000
Platform & Ramps: See Listing for Specs8049
YRG #8290VIEWCharlotteNC$6,400.00
MSRP: $7,900
20K lbs70"30'8290
MSRP: $10,895
20K lbs144"144"8005
MSRP: $15,585
30K lbs95”38'8188
VIEWFletcherNC$11,900.0020K lbs84”36'N0002
YRG #8186VIEWMooresvilleNC$8,300.00
MSRP: $15,795
16K lbs84”30'8186
MSRP: $11,000
25K lbs70"-84”36'8435
VIEWNew BrunswickNJ$8,250.00
MSRP: $8,920
16K lbs94”30'8604

YRG #4028
Save $899
VIEWLas VegasNV$8,100.00
Reg. Price: $8,999
20K lbs84”35'4028
MSRP: $6,390
20K lbs84”15'8001
#6007VIEWPhiladelphiaPA$1,250.00Handrail Set30'6007
YRG #2090VIEWFort WorthTX$19,500.00
MSRP: $25,700
16 lbs96"38’2090
YRG #8176bVIEWSpringTX$7,500.00
MSRP: $8,570
30K lbs84"30’8176b
YRG #3094VIEWCodyWY$11,750.00
MSRP: $12,680
20K lbs84"35’3094


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The Yard Ramp Guy Difference

We are proud to be the leading used yard ramp supplier in the United States. As a testament to our success, other (much larger) companies followed our lead soon after we launched the service in 2011. Here’s what makes us different in providing used loading dock ramp solutions:

  • Real Used Inventory. The listings on this page are all REAL. Other companies direct you to “Call for a Quote” because they do not actually maintain a real fleet of used ramps, typically resulting in a sales pitch to buy a new ramp.
  • Convenient Locations. With yard ramps located throughout the United States, most of Yard Ramps, Inc. inventory sits within 250 miles of 90% of the population. That’s important for speeding up delivery and cutting your freight costs.
  • Streamlined Shipping & Delivery. Yes, shipping 30'-long ramps that weigh up to 10 tons can present logistical challenges. Over the years, we’ve perfected a system for efficient delivery, developing close working relationships with a network of flatbed truckers and wreckers.


4 Considerations When Buying a Used Yard Ramp? Click HERE.

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Yard Ramp Guy Options
Used Yard Ramps: Available Nationwide

First We Earn Your Trust, Then We Earn Your Business.

  • You should expect and enjoy a respectful, continuous flow of communication when working with The Yard Ramp Guy.
  • During your purchasing process, expect follow ups.
  • While we process your sale or rental, expect updates.
  • And expect a sincere thank you when our work is done.




Turnkey Delivery & Installation Services

A terrific value-added option: With our Turnkey Delivery and Installation Services, we're able to transport, off-load, and install your loading dock. we literally do the heavy lifting for your Off-Load and Dock Installation needs. 

While you focus on what you do for a living, we focus on saving you time and money.

Used Ramps/Platforms: Appraised Condition

The Yard Ramp Guy assesses each ramp's condition based upon client interview, photos and, where possible, original documentation. All used ramps are sold or rented "AS IS."

Buyers are welcomed to inspect the ramp prior to purchase. Site visits will be arranged by The Yard Ramp Guy upon request. 

All used ramps are subject to prior sale.

Yard Ramp Financing

MADE SIMPLEYard Ramp Financing OptionsBuy a Yard Ramp Right Now & Take
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We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.