Yard Ramp Rental & Portable Loading Dock Inventory

The Yard Ramp Guy’s Gallery of Rental Ramps includes some, but not all, available ramps for rental and/or purchase. Photos shown are either recent and illustrate the known current condition of the product for rent or are less than one year old and the photo is from factory stock.

Call us for additional ramp availability: 888.977.4224

 Click Specs/Pix below for more information.IDCITYSTAVAILABLECAPWL
#3047Specs/Pix3047South San FranciscoCA11/16/1720K lbs84”35'
#6042Specs/Pix6042Westlake VillageCA10/09/1720K lbs84”35'
#3077Specs/Pix3077DanburyCTImmediately20K lbs84"35'
Specs/Pix3041SarasotaFL11/02/1720K lbs84”35'
#3035Specs/Pix3035TampaFL01/30/1820K lbs84”35'
#6015Specs/Pix6015AtlantaGAImmediately60K lbs114”30'
Click Specs/Pix below for more information.IDCITYST AVAILABLECAPWL
#4022Specs/Pix4022WichitaKS09/18/1716K lbs84”36'
#3048Specs/Pix3048Platte CityMOImmediately20K lbs84”35'
#3038Specs/Pix3038MadisonMS12/12/1720K lbs84”36'
#3034Specs/Pix3034ApexNC10/03/1720K lbs84”35'
#3037Specs/Pix3037KenlyNC09/20/1720K lbs84”36'
#3078Specs/Pix3078WindsorNC10/04/1720K lbs84"35'
Click Specs/Pix below for more information.IDCITYST AVAILABLECAPWL
#3030Specs/Pix3030ToledoOHImmediately20K lbs84”36'
#3080Specs/Pix3080CarlislePAImmediately20K lbs84"35'
#4027Specs/Pix4027CarlislePAImmediately16K lbs120”30'
Specs/Pix3046OlyphantPA10/2/17 20K lbs84"36'
#3075Specs/Pix3075Altair TX09/27/1720K lbs84”36'
#3076Specs/Pix3076PasadenaTX09/27/1720K lbs84”36'

Rental Ramps/Platforms: Appraised Condition

Rental ramps are deemed to be in excellent condition, and renter can expect all mobility and leveling accessory parts to be included with their rental. All used ramps are sold or rented as is. Buyers are welcomed to inspect the ramp prior to purchase, and site visits will be arranged by The Yard Ramp Guy. All rental ramps are subject to prior sale.


Yard Ramp Financing

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