Advantages of a Loading Dock Rental Over a Purchase

To Rent or to Buy . . .

Our loading docks provide an excellent way for your operations to have loading and off-loading for "on-demand” situations. They're designed to be workhorses for industries, ready and waiting for the next big shipment.

So, rent or buy? In some scenarios, buying a new loading dock may not be in the budget or what you need. And so a loading dock rental may be in your company’s best interests.

Here are two advantages to a yard ramp rental:

1. A Cost-Effective Alternative.

The price for basic models of new yard ramps for purchase is most often between 9 and 15 thousand dollars.

If that range is not currently within budget, utilizing a yard ramp rental provides the same service at about one-third the price of a purchased unit, affording you a quicker return on investment.

Factors here include the length of the rental agreement: typically, the longer you rent, the cheaper your monthly payment will be.

Renting also avoids the interest charges of financing a new yard ramp.

2. The Test Run.

If you're uncertain about a yard ramp suiting your company’s needs, testing one for a time is an excellent way to determine its effectiveness. And if you do find your yard ramp to be useful to your operations, we also provide a scenario for converting that rental into a purchase. Explore our Rental FAQ for more information.


To Rent or to Buy
Loading Dock Rentals


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A Cost-Effective Alternative

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From Recycling to Event Planning and from Retail to Automotive, The Yard Ramp Guy is proud to help place our yard ramps to improve the workflow of some of the highest revenue-generating industries in the nation.

For warehouses with temporary surges in shipment processing, we offer longer-term rental options to prevent standstills in productivity of loading and unloading of seasonal freight.

Whether you're looking for permanent or temporary loading ramp solutions, our new and used yard ramps continue to help streamline our customers' business operations.

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