Yard Ramp Geography

Location, Location, Location

We stand behind our slogan: "We Rent, Sell & Buy New & Used Yard Ramps Throughout the United States."

That's especially apparent in the scope of our Summer Sale on select yard ramps. We selected 10 yard ramps and one cross-dock / transloading platform for the sale.

The map below shows our Summer Sale's yard ramp locations, with a 250-mile radius around each them. These units ⏤ currently located in California, Illinois, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming ⏤ are within 250 miles of all or parts of 30 States.

The Yard Ramp Guy: Helping Reduce Your Freight Cost

Yes, geography is destiny. Location becomes a key factor in a company's decision to rent or buy industrial yard ramps. Why? Speed and cost. Companies often need or prefer a ramp delivered as soon as possible. Where our unit is located informs a customer's interest. As in, closer usually equals sooner delivery. As for cost, proximity informs the freight charge.

And so we proudly present this particular grouping of used yard ramps for our Summer Sale. We're so enthusiastic about our sale that we've listed these items below, for your convenience.

Naturally, speed and cost don't mean much if the yard ramp doesn't meet your requirements. With that, we have many additional units for rent and for sale. The Yard Ramp Guy: we've got you covered.

Used Yard Ramp Inventory

Save $2,126!VIEWSan JoseCA$8,999.00
Reg. Price: $11,125
20K lbs84”35'4028
Save $2,497!VIEWLaSalleIL$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $12,492
20K lbs84”36'3091
Save $5,000!VIEWLibbyMT$20,000.00
Reg. Price: $25,000
MSRP: $50,000
Cross-Dock / Transloading Platform: See Listing for Specs8049a
Save $1,653!VIEWLibbyMT$6,700.00
MSRP: $8,353
20K lbs96"30'8049b
Save $1,653!VIEWLibbyMT$6,700.00
MSRP: $8,353
20K lbs96"30'8049c
Save $2,497!VIEWToledoOH$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $12,492
20K lbs84”36'3092
Save $1,130!VIEWCarlislePA$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $11,125
20K lbs84”35'3077
Save $1,345!VIEWCarlislePA$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $11,340
20K lbs84”36'3095
Save $1,000!VIEWFort WorthTX$18,500.00
Reg Price:: $19,500
16K lbs96"38’2090
Save $1,805!VIEWLongviewTX$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $11,800
20K lbs84"36’3096
Save $1,755!VIEWCodyWY$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $11,750
20K lbs84"35’3094


Material Handling Statistics

On The Confidence Index

The Yard Ramp Guy: Confidence
An Intersection of Confidence and Necessity

Last week, Material Handling Network published an article, calling the Monthly Confidence Index for Equipment Finance Industry Steady in July. Pulling data from the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, it highlighted a number of insights. Among those:

  • Equipment finance is a $900 billion/year sector.
  • Overall confidence in the equipment finance market is steady.
  • 95% of equipment finance companies have offered payment deferrals.
  • A majority of companies (83%) have not furloughed or laid off employees.
  • Half of those surveyed believe business conditions will remain the same over the next four months.
  • 75% of executives expect no change in headcount over the next four months.

Said one executive, "We are starting to see some spending, possibly pent-up demand, with businesses that had put acquisitions on hold at the onset of COVID-19. Stronger borrowers are looking to take advantage of the situation and tuck in, or otherwise acquire weaker competitors."

Two of our colleagues⏤one a current vendor, one a former vendor⏤echoed The Yard Ramp Guy's experience with recent business trends: a strong first quarter, followed by a dive in early April, followed by a strong uptick in business from mid-April through July.

In any given year, there is a curious dance of trending activity. The late-winter/early spring dip. The spikes and plateaus and steady inclines through the end of the year. Those are generalities. Sometimes we see peaks and valleys that make little sense in our material handling industry or in our associate vendor industries (i.e., freight logistics and equipment finance).

Most interesting about the Confidence Index is the relative steadiness and growth across equipment finance⏤and, by association, material handling⏤is that percentage of confidence. It's reflected in the volume of business we're experiencing, here and now in the midst of a pandemic that remains invisible, dangerous, otherwise disruptive, and ever-troubling.

We have seen a growth in sales and rentals of new and used yard ramps to businesses deemed essential services. Numbers don't lie. And while hope is an unquantifiable entity, we suspect (with reasonable doses of both optimism and practicality) that business in our world remains strong⏤in large part because it must.

This week, our man McCoy Fields, goes all Ripley on us and, believe it or not, puts together a list of amazing inventions.

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Yard Ramps: A Stadium View

From First and 10 to Fourth and Goal

In our eyes, all Yard Ramp Guy customers are contenders and champions. They've made the smart decision to optimize their business operations, in part by utilizing one of our portable yard ramps or stationary dock ramps.

Today, we shine a light on that by name-dropping a handful of high-profile clients.

Yard Ramps: Allegiance to the Work Flow

That's a bird's-eye exterior view of the nearly-completed Allegiant Stadium, home of Las Vegas Raiders pro football team. It's an engineering marvel, all the more remarkable in that the last part of construction has worked around and through the pandemic.. That green rectangle in the bottom center of the photo is a retractable field; staff can literally slide the turf out of the stadium and repurpose the arena for a variety of events.

At first glance, it's a stadium construction site. Let's have a closer look.

Here from the side, we see two yard ramps that our team proudly helped place into service. From our view (and we rarely see such overhead shots), our inventory melds nicely into the construction landscape. That is: they do what they're designed for — service without complaint, needing virtually no maintenance, and readily repositioned to be placed into and out of service when needed.

The construction company rented one of these ramps about three months ago, a standard 20K-lb capacity, 84" wide, 36' long mobile yard ramp, this one manufactured by our friends at Quality Material Handling. As of this writing, it's still on site in Las Vegas.

The Yard Ramp Guy: Business Model
And Not a Ramp in Site?

Adding to our contributions to the sports world, we've proudly placed yard ramps at stadiums for the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, and Chicago Cubs. (In the non-sports-related industry: for a production company for a major motion picture that we're not at liberty to discuss in detail.)

One of our proudest contributions to the sports world is a situation in which we placed no yard ramp, issued no invoice, and made no money. The Seattle Seahawks had commissioned a custom-designed golf cart from a specialty shop in Texas. Our potential customer called us, looking for a way to put the cart into a truck for delivery. Our quick calculation for a rental and delivery and removal was about $2,800; we agreed that was a lot of money for a (very) short-term rental.

Still, we don't like to say No. And so our brainstorming session resulted in our potential customer hiring a handyman to custom-build a pallet and small wooden ramp. Total cost was a few hundred dollars.

As we wrote in our Custom Solutions Case Study (#3: Above and Beyond), "We help the customer develop. better ideas, which leads to better relationships. When the time is right for us to do business, we'll do business."

This week, our man McCoy Fields, ever the magician, pulls not a rabbit but an aqueduct, a pyramid, and a highway out of his hat. That's a big hat.

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New Inventory: In Stock & Ready for Delivery

Leading the Industry in a New Way

New Mobile Yard Ramps: Ready to Ship

The Yard Ramp Guy proudly announces our latest innovation: We now have in-stock, ready-to-go inventory, available for immediate delivery.

This stock is a natural next step in the relationships we've established and grown over the years with our trusted manufacturers, informed by clear, honest communication and mutual trust.

We'll phase in this arm of our sales in three geographic stages⏤Central, Eastern, and Western United States. Our Central U.S. sales component is stocked (and actively selling!), with a selection of mobile hydraulic yard ramps and stationary dock ramps.

Your advantages are threefold:

  • Save Money on Cost. The Yard Ramp Guy's pricing is among the lowest in the nation.
  • Fast Delivery. With this new inventory in stock, you could literally place your order Monday, pay us Tuesday, and receive your yard ramp as early as Wednesday.
  • Save Money on Freight. With our yard ramps more geographically distributed, you're likely to find shipping locations much closer to your business.

The Yard Ramp Guy has you covered.

For example: our Central United States region includes four central depots⏤La Salle, IL; Platte City, MO; Toledo, OH; and Longview, TX.

As you'll see on the accompanying map, a 250-mile radius around each of those locations covers parts or most of 18 states.

That 250-mile radius translates into reduced delivery times and lower freight cost for your company.

As we soon launch our in-stock inventory at strategically located depots in the East and West coast regions, we'll soon have a vast majority of the country covered with accessibility, timeliness, and price point on new yard ramps.

This is all a natural extension, and terrific layering on top of our industry-leading sales and rentals of used mobile yard ramps and stationary dock ramps, which already has our inventory positioned within 250 miles of 90% of the U.S. population.

Stay tuned for more exciting details.

Note: As an essential business, The Yard Ramp Guy is listed in ThomasNet's COVID-19 Response Supplier guide.


This week, our man McCoy Fields digs back into his archives and applies his eccentric perspective screw and levers and kinematics and a guy named Franz.

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On Industry Partnerships

Communication and Trust. Rinse, Repeat.

When we needed a stationary dock ramp delivered to Morton Grove, Illinois, we immediately turned to NATCO, our trusted third-party logistics provider.

We've been working with NATCO nearly as long as we've been in business. We shared strong, clear communication right from the start, and the resulting mutual trust between our companies continues to provide the foundation for an excellent working relationship between our two companies.

When we say "companies" we mean the people we work with: Cori Eckley, NATCO's Vice President, along with Sharon Porter and ShaQuanta McCleary in dispatch and operations.

Here's an excellent example of why that strong communication and trust are so important. As our own Sales Coordinator Jim Kunze tells it:

"The truck was on its way north from Fort Worth. By the time the driver had reached Oklahoma City, his engine light started blinking. The trucking company sent out another tractor that day. They got it swapped out quickly enough, and their mechanical breakdown didn’t interfere with our schedule.

"It speaks well of the trucking company and of NATCO for their communication skills. NATCO has always been hands on. When there’s a problem, they do something about it. In this case, they gave us the new schedule."

Clear communication about that few hours of delay was particularly important for this delivery. We had arranged turnkey services for the customer, which means we had wrecker and install services that would be waiting.

The last things anybody wants are needless waiting or extra charges. None of that happened for this delivery because communication was so good, which means we were able to reschedule their arrival times. That involves enough advanced notice, which we were able to provide. A truck had mechanical problems. It happens. If anyone was inconvenienced, they certainly were not surprised.

Says Jim, "Sharon and NATCO are really good people. Even with the sheltering in place because of the coronavirus, they continue to provide the same service they normally give. They're simply not allowing it to interfere with the flow of their operations."

Our Morton Grove customer received and had unloaded and installed his stationary dock ramp⏤30,000-lb capacity, 84" wide, 36' long, and weighing some 7,500 pounds⏤thanks to communication and trust.

Our gratitude to Cori Eckley and Team NATCO for profiling us in their blog this week.