Smart Financing: 2020

Saving a Bundle for Your Business

So, with nothing really happening in the world (tongue firmly planted in cheek) . . . we've reached that time of year when businesses traditionally pencil in or ink out a plan for the next calendar year.

Financing: Sunrise on a Healthy Financial Year
If we told you that you could write off your purchase of new equipment, saving thousands of dollars, would you be interested?

Most businesses are very much interested. Here's how it works:

Buy any qualifying equipment and place it into use by midnight on December 31, 2020, and you can deduct it for the year. That applies for purchases up to $1,400,000.

Simply put: Companies are always looking to increase revenue and decrease expenses. Section 179 most always provides a direct path toward reaching this goal.

We spotlight the Section 179 Deduction prominently throughout our site, offering three quality partner financing options for your consideration.

One of them, Crest Capital, describes a scenario in which, say, $50,000 in financing allows you to leverage the Section 179, leaving an extra $15,000 more in your company bank account than if you engaged in no financing. Have a look at their clear example HERE.

Naturally, the financing and the deduction are very attractive to businesses that can't afford immediate expenditure. And it also applies to companies that can afford it, yet want to leverage the situation in order to have more cash on hand rolling into the following fiscal quarters.

Some advantages to financing include:

  • You gain immediate use of a yard ramp from our quality inventory. meeting your specifications and requirements.
  • Greater flexibility and fewer restrictions than typical bank loans.
  • With a payment plan, your ledger can better absorb the cost of a yard ramp over time. Keep more of your cash in house for working capital.
  • Tax advantages (i.e., the Section 179 deduction): In most situations, you'll be able to deduct the full cost of a yard ramp as a business expense.

Whatever your situation, and whether that includes one of our quality new yard ramps or used forklift ramps, we encourage you to consider taking advantage of the Section 179 Deduction for your business.

This week, and in his ever-fascinating way, our man McCoy Fields, reminds us of a cautionary tale that includes planning ahead and respecting nature.

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The Forklift Ramp Secret

(. . . Hint: It's Not Money)

Yard Ramp Guy: Saving Time

After nearly ten years in business, we believe it's time to share a trade secret with you. And it's one of the best reasons for buying or renting a portable forklift ramp or stationary dock ramp from The Yard Ramp Guy:


There it is, hiding in plain sight.

Picture your business operation without a yard ramp. Your on-loads and off-loads seem okay. You have the driver back the truck close enough to the loading bay. Your forklift operator pivots the pallets from truck to your operation's bay door. You break apart the pallet and use a hand truck or second forklift to move your goods into position for assembly. There might be a coffee break involved, a reward for a well-done half-job, along the way.

Now picture your business operation with a yard ramp. Example: The driver positions the truck. Your forklift operator pivots the pallet and runs your inventory up the ramp and through the warehouse, right to the spot it needs to be.

No need for a coffee break. you've saved time.

Here's the other secret: time is money. Though you already knew that, yes?

Yard ramps save time. And in doing so, they save money and they optimize your logistics flow. It's about efficiency.

So, if a business decides to put a forklift ramp into use, the issues become how to make that happen and who to go with. We're talking about price and customer service. We know The Yard Ramp Guy's inventory is competitively priced and often unbeatable throughout the industry. In this case, "unbeatable" includes not just the price point; attention to detail through customer services is essential.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what the buyer of a new yard ramp for his manufacturing business said about us:

"The experience, from beginning to end, was excellent. All questions and concerns prior to purchase were taken care of. The entire team was precise and professional. Our team was always kept in the loop about where our product was in the production and shipping process. We unloaded and installed ourselves, which was simple and straightforward. Will definitely do business with you all again for any of our current and future warehouses."

We love the story of John Henry and his lessons of human strength and will.

In our retelling, John Henry uses that same strength and will . . . via an inclined plane.

This week, our man McCoy Fields, gets from Point A to Point Be in record time, though we don't recommend lunch right before taking this ride.

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Forklift Ramp Modeling

Ready for Their Close-Ups

Over our near-decade in business, we've placed mobile yard ramps and stationary dock ramps in all but one of the 50 states. (Alaska: we've got eyes on you.) Given the nature of commerce, population and traffic lanes, some cities and regions buy and rent our inventory more than others (though one of our very first sales was to a hay farmer in Wyoming).

What continually amazes us is the geography in which we discover our yard ramps placed into service. Traditionally, we picture a ramp at a loading bay, surrounded by a concrete or asphalt lot. And there are plenty of those:


San Clemente, CA

At Dock

Full: Side Angle View, at Dock
Dunmore, PA

Fun Fact: Whenever a mobile forklift ramp or stationary dock ramp moves from one location to another, we ask the renter or the depot to send us a series of photos so that we can provide you with the most updates images on our website.

We've seen our inventory placed into service in the most surprising of locations. We give you:

The Yard Ramp Guy®
The Bayou?


Sometimes we simply love seeing the dramatic skies above our ramps:

Winter Garden, FL

Sheridan, WY

Our ramps can withstand the elements. Remember snow? If not, wait a few weeks. In the meantime:

Powell, WY

Commerce City, CO

At certain junctures, our yard ramps reflect a sign of the times. Remember the terrible wildfires on the West Coast from a few weeks ago? We moved this rental ramp to Tracy, CA in September. The ash and smog that gave California ⏤ and, for a time, a good portion of the country ⏤ that eerie, Martian-like atmosphere is captured powerfully in our customer's photos:

With all that, our favorite candid photo is this one. We can't tell you exactly what's going on here, though it really seems like our responsible renter looks to have tied his ramp to a tree before he went into the mall to catch up on some shopping:

Upper Side | Gear Box | Castewrs

This week, our man McCoy Fields, goes takes the slippery slope and teaches us all about funiculars.

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Yard Ramp Geography

Location, Location, Location

We stand behind our slogan: "We Rent, Sell & Buy New & Used Yard Ramps Throughout the United States."

That's especially apparent in the scope of our Summer Sale on select yard ramps. We selected 10 yard ramps and one cross-dock / transloading platform for the sale.

The map below shows our Summer Sale's yard ramp locations, with a 250-mile radius around each them. These units ⏤ currently located in California, Illinois, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming ⏤ are within 250 miles of all or parts of 30 States.

The Yard Ramp Guy: Helping Reduce Your Freight Cost

Yes, geography is destiny. Location becomes a key factor in a company's decision to rent or buy industrial yard ramps. Why? Speed and cost. Companies often need or prefer a ramp delivered as soon as possible. Where our unit is located informs a customer's interest. As in, closer usually equals sooner delivery. As for cost, proximity informs the freight charge.

And so we proudly present this particular grouping of used yard ramps for our Summer Sale. We're so enthusiastic about our sale that we've listed these items below, for your convenience.

Naturally, speed and cost don't mean much if the yard ramp doesn't meet your requirements. With that, we have many additional units for rent and for sale. The Yard Ramp Guy: we've got you covered.

Used Yard Ramp Inventory

Save $2,126!VIEWSan JoseCA$8,999.00
Reg. Price: $11,125
20K lbs84”35'4028
Save $2,497!VIEWLaSalleIL$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $12,492
20K lbs84”36'3091
Save $5,000!VIEWLibbyMT$20,000.00
Reg. Price: $25,000
MSRP: $50,000
Cross-Dock / Transloading Platform: See Listing for Specs8049a
Save $1,653!VIEWLibbyMT$6,700.00
MSRP: $8,353
20K lbs96"30'8049b
Save $1,653!VIEWLibbyMT$6,700.00
MSRP: $8,353
20K lbs96"30'8049c
Save $2,497!VIEWToledoOH$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $12,492
20K lbs84”36'3092
Save $1,130!VIEWCarlislePA$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $11,125
20K lbs84”35'3077
Save $1,345!VIEWCarlislePA$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $11,340
20K lbs84”36'3095
Save $1,000!VIEWFort WorthTX$18,500.00
Reg Price:: $19,500
16K lbs96"38’2090
Save $1,805!VIEWLongviewTX$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $11,800
20K lbs84"36’3096
Save $1,755!VIEWCodyWY$9,995.00
Reg. Price: $11,750
20K lbs84"35’3094


Material Handling Statistics

On The Confidence Index

The Yard Ramp Guy: Confidence
An Intersection of Confidence and Necessity

Last week, Material Handling Network published an article, calling the Monthly Confidence Index for Equipment Finance Industry Steady in July. Pulling data from the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, it highlighted a number of insights. Among those:

  • Equipment finance is a $900 billion/year sector.
  • Overall confidence in the equipment finance market is steady.
  • 95% of equipment finance companies have offered payment deferrals.
  • A majority of companies (83%) have not furloughed or laid off employees.
  • Half of those surveyed believe business conditions will remain the same over the next four months.
  • 75% of executives expect no change in headcount over the next four months.

Said one executive, "We are starting to see some spending, possibly pent-up demand, with businesses that had put acquisitions on hold at the onset of COVID-19. Stronger borrowers are looking to take advantage of the situation and tuck in, or otherwise acquire weaker competitors."

Two of our colleagues⏤one a current vendor, one a former vendor⏤echoed The Yard Ramp Guy's experience with recent business trends: a strong first quarter, followed by a dive in early April, followed by a strong uptick in business from mid-April through July.

In any given year, there is a curious dance of trending activity. The late-winter/early spring dip. The spikes and plateaus and steady inclines through the end of the year. Those are generalities. Sometimes we see peaks and valleys that make little sense in our material handling industry or in our associate vendor industries (i.e., freight logistics and equipment finance).

Most interesting about the Confidence Index is the relative steadiness and growth across equipment finance⏤and, by association, material handling⏤is that percentage of confidence. It's reflected in the volume of business we're experiencing, here and now in the midst of a pandemic that remains invisible, dangerous, otherwise disruptive, and ever-troubling.

We have seen a growth in sales and rentals of new and used yard ramps to businesses deemed essential services. Numbers don't lie. And while hope is an unquantifiable entity, we suspect (with reasonable doses of both optimism and practicality) that business in our world remains strong⏤in large part because it must.

This week, our man McCoy Fields, goes all Ripley on us and, believe it or not, puts together a list of amazing inventions.

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