Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle

The Beauty of Planning Ahead

Proudly, we claim throughout our site that We offer what others do not.

The Yard Ramp Guy stands by this, in a number of ways: Our attention to detail. Our asking the right questions. Our excellent professional relationships with the top industrial yard ramp manufacturers in the United States.

This differentiator (and industry disruptor) is often seen most keenly in our approach to Turnkey Services.

We’re keenly aware that time is money. In our years of experience, we’ve seen our customers’ concerns about what happens in the time after a successfully transacted rental or sale. As in: how do they actually receive a stationary dock ramp or mobile forklift ramp? And then: how do they get the thing off the flatbed? And then: how do they get it installed, if needed?

Quite often, the transaction is another step in our process, not the last. We focus exclusively on the rental and sale of new and used industrial yard ramps, and in our view we’d be remiss not to offer that full arc of providing services that define Soup-to-Nuts.

With that, we’ve built and maintained and grown a network of people who know how to get your ramp delivered in a timely way, how to safely and efficiently off-load it, how to position and weld and bolt it.

Yes, we do the heavy lifting in a literal way. With our nationwide network already in place, about half of our customers take advantage of The Yard Ramp Guy’s Turnkey Services.

Our competition tends not to be so interested in providing these options. We won’t speculate as to why not . . . because we’re more focused on our campaign to provide the quality and the attention.

To learn more about our Turnkey Services, click HERE.

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