Our Year-End Song  

Jeff Mann, The Yard Ramp Guy

Good Prez. Jeff Mann

(to the tune of “Good King Wencelas”)

Good Prez Jeff Mann looked around
at the state of yard ramp
Could not sit back with the sound
of opportunity without his stamp
He opened shop in Illinois
with a staff of eight, minus seven
That began the work of one old boy
It was two thousand eleven

What name would the public buy?
Must be something obvious
Settled on The Yard Ramp Guy®
To sell his things industrious
Before a dime was even spent
Jeff shaped his conference table
Ramps he would buy, sell, and rent
From his newfound stable

Grew that business year by year
More reach, more sales, more editions
The warehouse world began to hear
Of favorable terms and conditions
Business through a handshake was
How his father termed it
Jeff took the reigns with same applause
His customer base confirmed it

Our rental ramps are real, said Mann
Not some bait-and-switch conniving
Proof is delivery of your span
Soon business was thriving
Relationships with manufacturers
In Carolina, California, Texas
Made his reach spectacular
It was the opposite of feckless

Now we reach a New Year’s day
More staff, more work, more asserting
Innovation is the best known way
To keep the sales converting
So be now on the lookout for
Surprises from The Yard Ramp Guy
Happy twenty twenty-four
May your life and work fly high

From The Ramp Rules Blog:

We take a moment to thank our man McCoy Fields for being so educational, fun, and the best pitchman we could ever hope to virtually find. This week, McCoy finds himself still talking to the animals. Click HERE to read all about it.