YRG: Ramping Up
The YRG Ramp-Up to 2017

Ramping Up For 2017

To begin, we’re going to make a broad, fairly informed assumption: The supply and demand for industrial yard ramps have remained more or less stable this year.

And now, proudly, our claim: The Yard Ramp Guy’s business showed significant growth this year.

That combination equals a scenario in which we’re doing more with what’s available throughout the United States.

A number of factors contribute to our growth. While we don’t produce yard ramps, we produce and strengthen our relationships with the finest companies that make yard ramps. Quite simply: quality of inventory and quality of service are the dual foundations of our success.

First we earn your trust, and then we earn your business. That’s our belief, and we’re standing firmly with it. (Yes, we’ve turned down a number of opportunities to make a profit…because the conditions were not right. We’d rather take a pass on a bad piece of business than suffer the damage bad business deals cause.)

We earn and strengthen trust through transparency in our operations, clear communication, and attention to detail. Our goal for each job is to deliver on time. We cannot control everything affecting that goal so we pledge to stay close to the details for every job and attack glitches before they succeed in spoiling our delivery goal. If there are glitches, we don’t sugar-coat the news; we’ll seek out and implement the best workaround in order to make things right.

Internally, we continue to optimize our process flow and delegate responsibilities throughout our trusted and professional team. Fine-tuning our operations to provide better and better customer service continues daily.

We continue to tweak and optimize the website and marketing initiatives. Here at the cusp of 2017, we’re preparing to increase lead generation by engaging with our existing contacts and growing our already vast national network within yard ramp-relevant industries.

YRG: Looking Forward
YRG: Looking Forward

Our Yard Ramp Guy Blog, now 94 entries strong, has become a bona fide resource center for the industry; we think it speaks as strongly about loading docks as it does about an approach to doing business the right way.

At the end of each week’s blog, we engage in a quote duel with our man McCoy Fields, our Yard Ramp Guy mascot (and, to him at least, an independent licensee) and last of the Renaissance men. McCoy writes a weekly blog—sometimes related to our yard ramp world, sometimes not, and always interesting—to complement his informative and witty Facebook and Twitter entries.

We wish a happy and healthy new year to everyone in the growing Yard Ramp Guy circle, and we look forward to a peaceful, rewarding 2017 for all.



So, McCoy Fields . . . here’s to a happy 4715 (that’ll be the year of the Rooster on the Chinese lunar calendar, coming at you on January 28th, 2017; just so you know) to you, Maggie, the kids, and the grandkids.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.Oprah Winfrey