Turnkey Solutions

Service Doesn't Stop at the Door

YRG: Turnkey Services
The Turnkey Service Gem

To review: The Yard Ramp Guy leads the field for buying, selling, and renting new and used yard ramps to customers throughout the United States.

Alongside—and very much connected—to that, our value-added services add layers of quality to help streamline your operations.

Three factors work in tandem to make the business successful:

1. Our Focus
We concentrate exclusively on the business of yard ramps.

2. Our Value
We provide great value to customers, whether buying, selling or renting yard ramps.

3. Our Network
We have developed—and continue to nurture—an outstanding network of specialized businesses that assist our customers in the transport, placement, and installation of yard ramps, (along with de-installation and return of rental ramps to our strategically located depots, where they are available for the next renter).

The descriptive term for transport, load/off-load, and installation services is Turnkey solutions.

Of course, many of our customers opt to handle these tasks themselves through their own or hired resources. But about 50% of our customers request some or all of our Turnkey Delivery and Installation System.

Many customers do not have the skills, expertise, or time to perform installation tasks such as:

  • installing anchors at docks;
  • spot welding; and
  • equipment such as cranes needed to offload a ramp from a flatbed.

We’ve researched, contacted, and maintain a network of expert installers, wrecker services, welders, and other specialized services. And we provide these services without the customer needing to hunt, negotiate pricing or supervise installation, all of which can be quite time consuming.

Costs for these Turnkey services are far below what many customers would incur in sourcing these types of services on their own. Customers who choose these Turnkey Services do so with the assurance that we provide them safely and professionally.

Not least, time is money: we also coordinate the timing so that any and every required turnkey service happens when the ramp or ramps arrive at the your location.

Our Turnkey Delivery and Installation System provides a major assist to customers who want the great value of our yard ramps, in a transaction that literally does not stop at the door.

The Yard Ramp Guy delivers…and then can also unload and install, literally taking on the heavy lifting in a way that saves you time and money and allows you greater focus on the flow of your business operations.



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Steeling the Future

A Demanding Supply

Yard Ramp Guy: Steel
Bridging the Steel

Even with the continually evolving nature of international trade agreements, ours remains a very connected world. At The Yard Ramp Guy, we keep an eye on this through a prism of steel: which regions are producing more and producing less, how that affects price.

Steel, of course, accounts for the major component of our yard ramp inventory. In our view, that steel floor plate with diamond tread (otherwise known as “diamond plate”) is one of the foundations of a safe and secure ramp. The diamond plate is where your forklift enters and exits the ramp; its integrity is essential. (As our driver’s ed instructor used to say, “The best ride is an uneventful ride.)

Combine that with the serrated grating which accounts for the rest of the ramp’s length, and expert welding, and we’ve generally sketched out a description of All-Steel Frame & Deck construction you’ll find on the majority of our yard ramp listings.

As we’ve described in this space, steel pricing depends on a number of factors, most of which aligns with the rules of supply and demand. Namely:

  • When Supply is up, Demand and Price go down.
  • When Supply is down, Demand and Price go up.

We won’t predict where the price of steel is headed, though there are some key indicators that give us hints.

China—by far the world’s largest producer and consumer of steel—is experiencing a slowdown in production and use. This would suggest the price of steel is going to rise.

However, other regional players in crude steel are showing production growth. Asia and Oceania (which excludes China) has grown impressively in recent years, followed by the European Union and North America.

So, the experts suggest regional steel production that competes with China won’t completely compensate for China’s slowdown, though it will help bridge the gap.

What does this mean for the United States yard ramp industry? Again, we won’t predict. What we do know is that our longstanding and excellent business relationships with our main manufacturers of yard ramps allow us to remain competitive—and often ahead of the competition—when it comes to fair pricing for our customers.



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Three Year-Ending Songs

Toward Ramping Up to 2018

The Yard Ramp Guy: Peace of Mind
The Yard Ramp Guy: Peace of Mind

(to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne)

Should old equipment be forgot
And you never bought a new kind
Then rent a ramp, for goodness sake
And have your peace of mind.


(to the tune of “Jingle Bells)

Dashing hopes of flow
Of orders through the bay
The floor’s so cramped, we know
With more stock on the way.

The Yard Ramp Guy: Experience Better Quality
Yeah, well...It Could Be Worse

Work time’s shuffling
Making buyers slight
What can we do to have a better
Way to make things right?

Oh, work compels, work compels
Me to have a ramp
With ten-ton-pound capacity,
And wheels to help decamp.
Work compels, work compels
Me to have a ramp
Oh, what fun it is to have a way
To move stuff like a champ.

A week or two ago,
I thought I’d close up shop
And then The Yard Ramp Guy
Did send a truck to stop
With yard ramp gleaming bright
At my bay it sits
Working all the while
To help our forklift up and down,
Moving pallets in a pile.

Happy Pallets, Courtesy The Yard Ramp Guy
Making Pallets Happy Since 2011

Oh, work compels, work compels
Me to have a ramp
With ten-ton-pound capacity,
And wheels to help decamp.
Work compels, work compels
Me to have a ramp
Oh, what fun it is to have a way
To move stuff like a champ.


(to the tune of “Silent Night)

Sturdy ramp, just the right height!
Forklift rides up, pallets just right
Found our rhythm, orders reconciled
CEO saw it and exhaled and smiled
Working now smoothly in peace
With yard ramp for sale or for lease.



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Value in relation to price, not price alone, must determine your investment decisions.Seth Klarman

Ramping Up: The Yard Ramp Guy Differentiators

Fresh Perspectives on our Quality Loading Dock Inventory

Yard Ramp Guy: The Difference
The Yard Ramp Guy Difference

As part of our long-term strategy, we’ve been studying how we display our new and used stationary and mobile yard ramps and, more importantly, what we offer.

The issue is credibility. As you’re looking around and considering whether to work with us or with someone else, here are five challenges for you to place on any dealer you talk to:

1. Our Rental Inventory
Is the posted Rental Inventory actual rental inventory? Are they real ramps that can actually be purchased?

Real pricing, real ramps: Since the beginning of our operations in 2011, The Yard Ramp Guy has consistently presented and rented yard ramps to our customers. It’s a tangible innovation in our industry. Others say they rent. The Yard Ramp Guy actually does.

2. Our Used Inventory
Used ramps are hard to come by, though that’s not for our lack of trying. We’re the only company in the country that sets out every day seeking to buy used ramps and seeking to match them up with buyers of used ramps. Every day. No other company in the U.S. is focused on used ramps the way we are, and therefore we offer them up more consistently.

Our competitors say they have used yard ramp inventory. But do they? We’re the only dealer of yard ramps that also offers a cash-back program to anyone who buys a yard ramp, new or used, from us. Why do we do that? The fastest way for us to find yard ramp sellers is to invite our customers to become sellers when they’re done with their ramp. For manufacturers, buying back what they produced is not typically part of their business model. If you’re trying to sell a used yard ramp, you’ll want to call us. Because we have a lot of lookers.

3. Our Live Locator Map
We like the simplicity of the listings pages for our Rental Inventory and Used Inventory, and we regularly freshen these listings with new photos submitted by our customers and depots. We share information in a dynamic way—each with its own listing and current photos, each one a real, actual ramp for rent and for sale.

And we regularly update their locations to reflect nearly-real-time positioning on our industry-leading Live Locator Map.

We challenge you to find any other competitor in our industry who offers such a map. Others may have maps, though they’re static screenshots—not live, not real-time, not interactive.

Yard Ramp Inventory Across the Nation

4. Distribution Network Map
We like how easy it is to find a yard ramp and navigate to any given listing. With that in mind, we’re pleased to present our newly designed Distribution Network Map.

Simply click on your state, and you’ll see a fresh state-specific page that includes our current inventory within the most favorable freight lanes (resulting in reduced delivery and return freight costs).

5. The “YAR” Difference
Our new yard ramps from Bluff Manufacturing sport “YAR” in the SKU. These reflect features exclusive to The Yard Ramp Guy, at no additional charge, both for our new Stationary Dock Ramps and new Mobile Yard Ramps.

We’re quite proud to offer these and we’ll be talking much more about it in the first quarter of 2018. We think our “YAR” line of yard ramps demonstrate The Yard Ramp Guy’s innovation and leadership within the industry.

The issue is credibility. We believe The Yard Ramp Guy’s approach and presentation reflect credibility, integrity, and honesty. We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.



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A California Custom Dock Ramp Solution

Accommodating Your Ramp Requirements

Yard Ramp: 80K-lb Capacity
(Ample) Proof of Ramp Capacity

Our goal has always been matching our customers’ needs with the best solutions.

In addition to providing standard yard ramp lengths and widths, we provide custom solutions for creating special yard ramps and their combinations with a variety of portable or mobile leveling and mobility mechanisms. 

Here’s an excellent example: Glen Allen, President of Newport Real Estate Services in Newport Beach, CA, contacted us this past summer for a custom-designed dock ramp.

At the time, Glen was beginning the refurbishing of an 600,000 square-foot, 49-acre refrigerated and dry-storage facility in Sacramento. To restore the building, he needed access for trucks driving into the structure to deliver necessary building materials, including: concrete, drywall, and wood deliveries. Ultimately, the future tenant would also need access.

Glen is a savvy developer, with 40 years of experience. Informed by the physical design of the facility’s loading dock and the types of vehicles making deliveries, he sketched out and presented his own drawings.

The solution? An 80,000-pound capacity, 10-foot-wide ramp that we coordinated with Mark Medlin of Medlin Equipment, one of the highly-respected manufacturers we work with. (The 80K-pound capacity reflects the weight of the heaviest ready-mix truck.)

“There were no glitches,” said Glen. “They sent the ramp on time, on a giant tow truck. The next day, my welder, matched it up perfectly using six-inch welds. We cranked it up and down a bit. We turned the bolts, welded the feet, and stick-welded the ramp to the edge of the bay.”

Yard Ramp: 10-Foot Width
The Yard Ramp Guy: So Inclined

That fire engine in the accompanying photos? No: there were no fires to put out. Glen arranged it to demonstrate capacity and proof of structural integrity. (Note: The flashing lights add no extra weight…but look pretty cool.)

While this is the highest-capacity ramp custom-ordered through The Yard Ramp Guy in the past couple of years, Glen’s 10-foot-wide dimension is not the widest available capacity.

“There is no limit,” says Mark Medlin. “The largest to date is 14 feet. We do a lot of custom stuff. It’s my cup of tea. I enjoy that.”

It’s our cup of tea, too. We enjoy—and are committed to—getting it right for all our customers.



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