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About Our New Yard Ramps

coolThe Yard Ramp Guy works with well-known and highly respected manufacturers. In our new yard ramp gallery you'll find quality dock ramps, portable ramp/platform systems, dock boards, dock plates and custom mobile and portable ramp and dock solutions.

In selecting which manufacturers to work with, quality of product is the prevailing criteria. Therefore, all of our new products are strictly U.S.-engineered, U.S.-made from U.S. raw materials and meet U.S. testing standards.

There is no end to the standard. Our Gallery presents standard ramps meeting the mainstream needs of our customer base as well as many custom solutions.

Why does The Yard Ramp Guy feature only three yard ramp manufacturers?

The three manufacturers featured—Bluff Manufacturing of Ft. Worth, Texas; Mid-State Ramps of Denton, North Carolina; and QMH of Rancho Cucamonga, California—each make outstanding quality products and are the three leading makers of yard ramps.

There are a few other manufacturers making quality products but not, in our opinion, with the same commitment to the vertical product line. They also sell at price points beyond our business model. We would have no hesitation to re-sell one of their ramps as used. However, for most of our customers' applications, they do not match our goal for being the most reliable and lowest priced yard ramp dealer in the country.

A Note on Steel Pricing

Due to recent volatility in the steel industry, our factories are passing through to us a "steel surcharge" on new yard ramps. We, in turn, will pass through this charge to our customers without markup.

As with prior spikes in steel pricing, we believe this is a temporary condition. Economists are predicting steel demand to significantly outpace supply through the end of 2021.

Fortunately for our customers, The Yard Ramp Guy's status as the #1 dealer for each of the three factories we represent means the factor used to calculate our steel surcharge is considerably more favorable than that of our competitors.

We will continue to sell yard ramps at pricing lower than our competitors and lower than our factories will sell directly to end users.

Thank you for your understanding as we all navigate these continued strange times.


Yard Ramp Financing

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