New Yard Ramps by Bluff Manufacturing


PRICE Call for Quote: 888.977.4224
MODEL # Varies by specs (i.e.: 20SYS8436L-C)
AVAILABILITY Production 5-15 Work Days
CONSTRUCTION All-Steel Frame & Deck
CAPACITY Standards: 16K, 20K, 25K, 30K up to 100K
WIDTH Standards: 70", 84”, 94" up to 120"
LENGTH-TOTAL Standards: 15', 24', 30', 36' up to custom
CURB HEIGHT Standards: 8" (custom applications vary)
SERVICE RANGE Varies by length, application, use site
LEVELING MECHANISM Hand-Crank and Hydraulic Pump
TIRES Caster Wheels or Foam-Filled Tires
SAFETY CHAINS Standard: Included
MOBILITY TOOL Choice of Ramp Clamp or Tow Bar
WEIGHT Varies by specs, from 2.5K to 10K lbs


  • Actual ramp shown. 
  • Freight not included.
  • Price is subject to change.
  • Availability is not guaranteed.
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Bluff Manufacturing
New Yard Ramps: Bluff Manufacturing


A Note on Steel Pricing

Due to recent volatility in the steel industry, our factories are passing through to us a "steel surcharge" on new yard ramps. We, in turn, will pass through this charge to our customers without markup.

As with prior spikes in steel pricing, we believe this is a temporary condition. Economists are predicting steel demand to significantly outpace supply through the end of 2021.

Fortunately for our customers, The Yard Ramp Guy's status as the #1 dealer for each of the three factories we represent means the factor used to calculate our steel surcharge is considerably more favorable than that of our competitors.

We will continue to sell yard ramps at pricing lower than our competitors and lower than our factories will sell directly to end users.

Thank you for your understanding as we all navigate these continued strange times.