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We offer more than 80 different mobile ramps from Bluff Manufacturing, Mid-State Ramps, and Quality Material Handling for sale, with standard sizes and maximum weight capacities (16K, 20K, 25K, and 30k lbs.). Leveling mechanism options include hydraulic and 2-gear hand crank. Mobility options include either 18” solid rubber pneumatic tires or black cast poly wheels. All new ramps are made to order, requiring 7-10 working days for completion. We invite you to shop our catalog and compare features and prices with other dealers. We think you’ll see that our transparent prices are 5-10% below other distributors who do not specialize like we do in yard ramps. As one of the country’s largest resellers of portable loading dock ramps, The Yard Ramp Guy is able to pass along substantial savings to you.

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Bluff Manufacturing (Fort Worth, TX)


16SYS-70-36L-YAR $14,922.00
16K lbs 70" 36'
16SYS-84-36L-YAR $16,522.00 16K lbs 84" 36'


16K lbs 96" 36'


20K lbs 70" 36'


20K lbs 84" 36'


20K lbs 96" 36'


25K lbs 70" 36'
25SYS-84-36L-YAR $19,222.00
25K lbs 84" 36'
25SYS-96-36L-YAR $21,322.00 25K lbs 96" 36'
30SYS-70-36L-YAR $19,122.00 30K lbs 70" 36'
30SYS-84-36L-YAR $20,622.00 30K lbs 84" 36'
30SYS-96-36L-YAR $21,822.00 30K lbs 96" 36'

16SYS-070-30-YAR $13,122.00 16K lbs 70" 30'
16SYS-084-30-YAR $13,922.00 16K lbs 84" 30'
16SYS-096-30-YAR $15,922.00 16K lbs 96" 30'
16SYS-102-30-YAR $16,922.00 16K lbs 102" 30'
16SYS-120-30-YAR $20,822.00 16K lbs 120" 30'
20SYS-070-30-YAR $13,422.00 20K lbs 70" 30'
20SYS-084-30-YAR $16,122.00 20K lbs 84" 30'
20SYS-096-30-YAR $17,722.00 20K lbs 96" 30'
20SYS-102-30-YAR $20,722.00 20K lbs 102" 30'
20SYS-120-30-YAR $22,122.00 20K lbs 120" 30'
25SYS-070-30-YAR $15,422.00 25K lbs 70" 30'
25SYS-084-30-YAR $16,922.00 25K lbs 84" 30'
25SYS-096-30-YAR $18,522.00 25K lbs 96" 30'
25SYS-102-30-YAR $21,122.00 25K lbs 102" 30'
25SYS-120-30-YAR $22,522.00 25K lbs 120" 102"
30SYS-070-30-YAR $16,922.00 30K lbs 70" 30'
30SYS-084-30-YAR $17,822.00 30K lbs 84" 30'
30SYS-096-30-YAR $18,922.00 30K lbs 96" 30'
30SYS-102-30-YAR $21,722.00 30K lbs 102" 30'
30SYS-120-30-YAR $23,422.00
30K lbs 120" 30'

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As a Volume Discount Dealer, we’re able to pass along savings to you…and we do just that. We invite you to compare for yourself our prices from the top manufacturers we represent. Many models listed include features exclusive to The Yard Ramp Guy.

The online store also features our inventory of used yard ramps located across the nation⏤the largest selection in the country! We are the only company in America that pursues used yard ramp sellers and buyers every day and offers rental ramps throughout the country. Every day.

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