Cresting Your Capital

“Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers,” wrote Elizabeth Arden. (And yes, for the record, this is the second time we’ve used her quotation in our site.)

YRG Financing
Cresting Your Capital

With that in mind, throughout our website you’ll see a blue-and-black swish in a box inviting you to explore payment options for financing the purchase of a yard ramp.

The CALCULATE MY OPTIONS button takes you to our dedicated page on Crest Capital’s website. From there, simply enter a dollar amount of your desired financing and your email address, and Crest Capital will immediately email you projected payment options for 24, 36, 48, and 60 months.

All of this is designed to help you secure the purchase of a new or used yard ramp if cash on hand is a current challenge for your operations. Financing through Crest Capital allows you immediate access to a yard ramp, with fewer restrictions than a standard bank loan and the ability to retain more cash in house for your working capital. As an added bonus, Section 179 of the U.S. tax code allows you to deduct the full cost of that quality yard ramp as a business expense.

We’re more than happy to endorse our business associates when credit is due (pun intended), and we enthusiastically draw your attention to the financial services team at Crest Capital. Based in Atlanta and covering all 50 states, they’ve been in business since 1989.

Their specialty is the financing of equipment, software, and vehicles. The sweet spot is $10,000 – $150,000 in capital, with terms of 24-60 months. That’s 100% financed, including delivery and installation.

YRG Financing
Fiscally Sound

The actual application process is streamlined and quite simple: a one-page application, with no financials required for financing up to $150,000. (To be sure, they use “soft pulls” from companies like Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet that don’t ding your credit report.) Your general requirements: two years in business, no tax liens or slow pay history and a FICO score of 650 or above.

The online credit application takes about five minutes to complete, and there’s no cost to apply, and they typically let you know if you’re approved within three-to-five business hours.

Our contact at Crest Capital is Gary Evonsion, Senior Vice President of National Accounts.

Jeff Mann, The Yard Ramp Guy, says, “From our perspective, financing is another way of stimulating business. The great thing about Gary is that he looks at business opportunities, not just transactions. He humanizes the world of financial services in a personable way that I really appreciate and respect. Gary completely reflects our idea that first we earn your trust and then we earn your business.”

Well, Gary has something to say about that. “It has been great working with Jeff and his team at The Yard Ramp Guy,” he says. “They have been very thoughtful in terms of how to work with our mutual customers to create win-win situations for the customer, whether that involved a new or used ramp or going so far as to seeing what additional needs the customer may have that weren’t initially apparent but that should be considered.

“While no one likes to be sold to, I can assure you that when dealing with The Yard Ramp Guy you will enjoy the expertise and advice that they add to your buying process. We continue to enjoy dealing with such a capable group.”  

We’re honored by that. And, more importantly, we’re pleased to recommend Crest Capital’s valuable services to help you secure and optimize your business operations.



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