The Yard Ramp Guy’s Qualitative Difference

Without trying to sound like a flight attendant’s announcement upon landing (“We know you have a choice in airlines, and we thank you for choosing…”), we know you have a choice in companies when selecting to buy, rent, or sell yard ramps.

What separates us from the rest of the industry? A number of elements, though we believe these four are key differentiators between us and the competition:

  • We win on price versus other dealers and versus factory-direct. Quite simply: we pass on our cost savings to our customers. And the top two manufacturers of yard ramps rank The Yard Ramp Guy as their #1 dealer for the category.
  • We don’t just say we rent ramps; we really do. Over the years, we’ve mastered the business and the logistics of renting yard ramps. With our inventory located strategically across the country, we’re able to deliver nearby ramps at reasonable freight costs.
  • We pay used ramp sellers more than the competition does. We know the requirements for assuring a win for the seller, a win for the buyer, and a win for The Yard Ramp Guy. We decided to partner with sellers rather than haggle with them, resulting in domination of the used yard ramp marketplace. It’s a very simple formula: 70% for you, 30% for us (that’s not a typo); no other company comes close to that ratio.
  • We earn your trust, and then we earn your business. We place the highest priority on clear communication with you. We’ll never make false promises because we believe the honest approach is the best way. And we’ll be the first to tell you if we can or cannot do something. Building relationships based on trust is always more important than making a quick buck.

We know you have a choice in companies when selecting to buy, rent, or sell yard ramps, and we look forward to thanking you for choosing us.



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