How We Evaluate

We mention the CarMax model in our website’s Buyer’s Guide and want to delve into it a bit more to show how it aligns with our approach to selling and renting yard ramps.

CarMax allows people to sell their cars without the hassle and the potential danger of selling themselves.

CarMax takes in more used cars than any other outlet in the country. The process: Cars arrive in different conditions. CarMax appraises the car. CarMax makes an offer. You accept. And they have the car.

Here’s the rub: CarMax only keeps 10% of the cars they take in. They sell the rest at auction to their competitors. All for one simple—and central—reason: they want the best of the market. 

So, the number one source of cars in the US market is CarMax. (The reason the price point is higher is that it’s providing the best of the used car market, and they’ll offer an extended warranty on it.)

In the yard ramp world, there are two reasons to buy used inventory: safety and efficiency. Evaluation of both is essential to our business.

If the yard ramp is not in good condition, it’s better for us to take a pass. We’d rather tell people the ramp is ready for the scrap and recommend not selling it, than know the next user is giving up safety as an essential benefit.

We offer to sell or rent yard ramps that fall under one of five conditions:


Direct from the factory or parked at one of our depots. This ramp is no more than six months old. Includes safety chains and mobility device (if applicable). No blemishes other than limited oxidation from normal exposure. Hand-cranks or hydraulic systems are new and function as such.



Yard Ramp: Like NewLike New

The same as the “New” but left the factory within the last six months (or 10 years old and parked inside for a decade). Includes safety chains and mobility device (if applicable). No blemishes other than limited oxidation from normal exposure. Hand-cranks or hydraulic systems are also like new and function as such.



Yard Ramp: Excellent ConditionExcellent

The same as the “Like New” ramp but has been parked outside and has normal oxidation. In every other way it’s terrific.



Very GoodYard Ramp: Very Good Condition

The same as the “Excellent” ramp but is probably 4-15 years old. It shows reasonable wear and tear. Hand cranks or hydraulic pumps may require general maintenance butno repairs. Mobility device (if applicable) and safety chains are included.



Yard Ramp in Good ConditionGood

The same as the “Very Good” ramp but this ramp shows its age and use like a grizzled warrior. Buyer may need to purchase or fabricate a missing mobility device or set of safety chains. General maintenance to hydraulics would be highly recommended (really, for any used ramp to establish a maintenance baseline before using). Some repairs may be in order: dried out gaskets or hoses, a bent section of deck or apron, a few spot welds. Though a little long in the tooth and not the prettiest, it is structurally sound and will provide a reasonable number of additional years of service.

We simply won’t take in or put any yard ramp in less condition on our listings. In an upcoming blog, we’ll take a look at ramps that don’t qualify for The Yard Ramp Guy to sell or rent.

Note: In appraising the condition of the ramp and assigning a classification we do take into consideration the “value” of the ramp relative to its posted asking price. Therefore, if a yard ramp is, say, missing its ramp clamp, the ramp itself might be Very Good, but we’ll classify it as Good because it doesn’t have that important part.

We believe this approach most effectively helps us honor our customers’ expectations and the integrity of the market.



I have discovered in 20 years of moving around the ball park, that the knowledge of the game is usually in inverse proportion to the price of the seats.Bill Veeck, Chicago White Sox owner