Location is Everything

Yard Ramp Guy: Location
Yard Ramp Guy: Location

Bob Hope said, “I’ve always been in the right place and time. Of course, I steered myself there.”

Yard ramp rental and sales very much follow that right place-right time insight. As part of our process, The Yard Ramp Guy team always asks about the location of your yard ramp. Not just the city; we want (and need) to discover the configuration of your roadway entrance, your bay door, how the delivery vehicles access your property.

You may see a yard ramp near you, but if that ramp doesn’t meet your requirements it has no value. We work diligently to find the best ramps for your application. Yes, location is everything. (And capacity. And width. And length. And price.)

It comes as no surprise that a transaction may well hinge on your team’s ability to utilize our inventory in the right way.

Which brings us to the presentation of our inventory. What does surprise us a bit is that some 30% of visitors to our site view our pages from their smartphones. Although industrials generally involve large square-footage space, including office spaces (which typically involves desktop computers), the relatively new technology of the handheld phone as a tool for business has held steady these past few years.

Location & Presentation
Location & Presentation

And so, we accommodate that substantial number of visitors in our presentation for smartphones. The new adjustment we’ve made is fairly simple, yet key. What’s the big news? We move a column.

Viewers of our used and rental inventory on their phones now see, from left to right: a photo, the clickable VIEW link, the City, and the State. Simply swiping to the left with a finger will show additional fields (i.e., Capacity, Width, Length), until we reach the rightmost column—the ramp ID. That’s the one we moved a handful of columns to the right.

Why? Location. While The Yard Ramp Guy team uses and relies on the ID all the time, we understand that those numbers may not mean much to new visitors. Right away—and literally without moving a finger—you’ll now see the ramp photo and its current city and state.

Location is a major factor; it’s more likely you’ll rent or purchase a yard ramp that’s currently in California if you’re also in California than if you’re in Florida. Why not have that information prominently available?

Small moves in sometimes tight spaces: the idea applies to our quality yard ramp inventory as readily as how we present them on our site.

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