…and Instruction Books, for Your Convenience

Just as the right yard ramp is the platform to handle your company’s heavy lifting, the Yard Ramp Guy website is the platform to access relevant information for all things regarding our inventory. For example:

  • Our site displays new, rental, and used inventory in a simple, visually pleasing presentations.
  • The Buyer’s Guide highlights your options for buying new or used ramps and renting yard ramps with us.
  • Our Request a Quote and Sell Your Ramp forms start the conversation between us regarding your transaction.

In addition, we’ve recently updated our main Resources page.

Here, you’ll find important instructions such as Yard Ramp Delivery Using a Wrecker and a handy worksheet for measuring the slope for a ground-to-dock application.

Also included are instructions and manuals for different types of yard ramps and their various applications from our main yard ramp manufacturers.

In addition, we’ve added three of our frequently requested forms:

  • Our Customer Credit Application
  • Our Certificate of Insurance
  • Our W-9 Form

You can easily download and print all of these documents. We find it to be the simplest and most direct route to your having the right information, all with a couple of mouse clicks.

We want to emphasize that along with providing quality yard ramps to match your needs, we consistently raise the bar on our approach to customer service, always with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

We’ll always recommend erring on the side of caution: if you have any questions about the function and proper use of your purchase or rental, contact us. The Yard Ramp Guy team is here to help explain and clarify the safe and efficient deployment of your yard ramp.