Yard Ramp Guy Xmas Poem
Ho Ho Ho

Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the warehouse,

Not a creature was stirring, on orders from the spouse.

The forklifts were parked by the back wall with care,

Except one Komatsu that needed oil and a spare.


The conveyors were unplugged; #4 needed new tread,

Frank was supposed to change it but went to Cabo instead.

The business was solid, profits were growing,

Worker mood was chipper, orders were flowing.


When out on the bay there arose such a clatter,

That Wally the CEO sprang from his seat to see what was the matter.

Away to the door he flew like an eagle,

While Barney stayed sleeping (that was his beagle).


What he found through the window made him weep:

A delivery! From The Yard Ramp Guy! Don’t they ever sleep?

Wally and the driver stood there and stared

At the new yard ramp, already offloaded—boy, they were prepared!


It was an 84-wide, 30-long, shimmering silver and blue

From Bluff: they’re a good company through and through.

Had safety chains, a tow bar, hydraulics for vertical action,

Plus serrated grating for excellent forklift traction.


But wait, there was more: just like an overprotective mom,

A link to the owner’s manual from YardRampGuy dot com.

And better still: a steel box and ramp clamp to boot.

Just what the business needed—there was no dispute.


The Yard Ramp Guy’s reputation preceded them onto the lot,

The Yard Ramp GuyWith word that superb customer service is what they’ve got.

Oh, and a locator map and clear listings to help us find

Just the right product, detailed by capacity and kind.


The delivery man and his truck were gone, the sun was fading,

Leaving Wally alone with his ramp and a bill of lading,

With a note from the Yard Ramp Guy, which he appreciated very much:

“Happy Holidays. Grateful for your business. Please be in touch.”



Well, McCoy Fields . . . no quote-off challenge this week. Simply best wishes to you and yours…and this:

Surround yourself with people strong enough to change your mind.John Wooden