Attention to You, Attention to Detail

The Yard Ramp Guy continues to fulfill the niche in quality yard ramp sales and rentals. And we do so by dedicating three key customer service elements to every client and every transaction:


On the front end, we talk about being the buyer’s guide, rather than the salesperson, and this requires time. We probe. We discuss. We ask questions, and we often go back to ask additional questions about the company and its needs, all toward determining the optimal solutions for particular requirements.

Attention to Detail. 

Many factors contribute to and determine the success of every sale, including: processing the sale itself, processing purchase orders, finding the source of the yard ramp, and securing the right freight carrier.

Another branch of detail is in logistics—getting the yard ramp from point A to point B, and then offloading the yard ramp. This involves many points of contact and lots of communication.


Thinking outside the box is essential in our business. For example: when a potential customer phones us with a request for a yard ramp with very particular specifications, we go into question mode. We want—and everybody needs—confirmation that the specification will indeed match their application. If and when we discover that these don’t match their specs at all (it happens more often than you’d suspect), we brainstorm with the client to consider an alternate solution.


Time, Attention to Detail, and Creativity: it’s yard ramp customer service—three ways The Yard Ramp Guy stays ahead of the curve so that your yard ramp is perfectly angled to help your business thrive.