2018…and Beyond

The YRG Wheel Keeps Turning
The YRG Wheel Keeps Turning

If we told you that nothing much happened this year, and have a nice day, we’d be half right.

Much happened in 2018, some of it head-spinning, some of it anticipated. The price of steel experienced a volatility, largely as a result of international tariff adjustments. Some of these price hikes were actual, and some were projected. The steel market seems to have largely stabilized, though we’re always keeping an eye on that world.

With steel as the major component of most of our yard ramps, its price always affects our business. The Yard Ramp Guy’s position in the industry and relationships with our manufacturers positioned us with the ability to keep pricing both competitive and quite attractive for our customers.

Steel rusts. Three months after a brand new yard ramp leaves the manufacturing plant, you’ll begin to see the effects. Fluctuating humidity and temperature and sun and rain work away. The orange-and-red appearance of oxidation is a natural process. Our manufacturers meet and exceed standards, and each ramp should provide our customers with many years of steady service.

The Yard Ramp Guy does not rust. Like the inventory we sell and rent, the foundation of our business model is to work quietly—yet efficiently and honestly—in the background for our customer base.

Our slogan—First we earn your trust, and then we earn your business—is our credo, and there’s simply no place in there for rust, real or metaphorical.

So, we’ve been busy. We’ve grown the business, strengthened relationships, made new connections. The Yard Ramp Guy team will be just fine if we never become a meme that goes viral.

(That said, it would be very cool if we did, in fact, become a meme that goes viral.)

While price and oxidation may affect steel, our commitment to our customers—with honesty and clear communication—remains steady.

The bottom line is not money. It’s you.

Happy New Year.

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