Brainstorming the Presentation

There’s been much discussion among the team recently: how best to present our inventory.

In web design and strategy, best practices say that the optimal way to deliver information is to provide the fewest number of clicks for you to reach your desired pages.

Well, we’ve analyzed the metrics and brainstormed the topic…and in the final analysis, instinct has played a major part.

And so, what we’ll call professional instinct informs an enhanced strategy and presentation for our Rental and Used Ramp inventories:

Though that old grid with photos might have provided more of a visual pop, we’ve also factored in our client requests. Namely: you want information that’s readily available.

The results? Essential highlights for any given portable loading dock, including: the ID, Current Location, Availability Date, Capacity, Width, and Length—all presented in an easy-to-read chart, with a one-click link to complete specs and photos of the inventory.

We think this approach adds clarity and helps deliver you to the right listing on the website, so that we can streamline the process and help initiate and deliver your order with even greater expediency.

Complementing this new strategy is our Live Locator Map, providing pinpointed details of all our available yard ramps and manufacturing plant locations.

Of course, the key differentiator is our emphasis on communication. Once you’ve reviewed the listing, simply phone us. No matter how small or complex your requirements, a conversation between us will provide clarity for everyone involved.