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On any given listing page for our Used and Rental ramps, you’ll see a chart of Specifications that accompany a pop-up photo gallery.

That information provides a great summary and establishes a foundation between you and The Yard Ramp Guy team as we confirm the best match in terms of your requirements and location, our stock, and the price.

In those listings, we’ve posted the obvious specs such as Condition, Capacity, Width, and Length. Today, we highlight two line-items—one seemingly obscure and the other seemingly obvious. Both have surprising and important value.

Service Range

Typically, we’ll post something along the lines of Approx. 33” – 67” or 38” – 55” here. This describes the lowest to highest you can crank the loading dock.

This becomes very important for ground-to-dock use, especially when your bay and/or delivery location has a slope.

If the pavement slopes down and away, it can change the service range. For example, some businesses operate on pavement that slopes toward the building’s drainage channel at the foundation base. If the pavement slopes the approach toward the building, your ability to adjust the height could make all the difference.


Yes, we know: they help roll things from point A to point B. Surrounding the wheels, they may be the greatest invention ever (aside from the ramp).

(Trivia: Henry Ford introduced his first vehicle in 1896. Called the Quadricycle, it was essentially a cart placed on four bicycle wheels.)

From experience, there are worlds within the tire world. For loading docks, among the most common are Pneumatic Foam-filled Tires.

As opposed to an air-filled tire, the foam serves a dual function: it minimizes and virtually eliminates the chance of puncture by sharp objects (resulting in a flat tire), and it provides a measure of shock absorbency when porting the loading dock over uneven pavement (i.e., a pothole). All of which helps to keep your equipment from avoidable accidents and damage.



Ahem, McCoy Fields . . .Kindly consider this:

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