Our Live Locator Map changes all the time. We’re continually adjusting this industry-leading map to reflect the availability of our portable forklift ramps and stationary loading docks. And we try to keep it as “real time” as possible.

When a business buys a yard ramp, we take it off the market and remove it from the map. When a business is done with its rental, we move it to a depot, which we also relocate on the map.

And so it struck us that our current configuration supports, more or less, an umbrella:

Yard Ramp Guy Coverage, as of November 19, 2021

And we like that. (Know that we’re taking poetic license here with our analogy. The Yard Ramp Guy strongly recommends against using one of our yard ramps as an actual umbrella. Just saying.)

The map is detailed, yet by no means displaying our full coverage. Some inventory moves before we’ve posted it on our site. Sometimes we’re waiting for photos from the seller, as part of our Brokerage Service.

And that’s not even including our latest sales pipeline: new, in-stock, ready-to-ship inventory. Yes, we have a graphic for that, too:

Yard Ramp Guy Coverage, as of November 19, 2021

Oddly enough, and maybe it’s the weather changing, the image we’re seeing in this one is of the Munster family, out for a ride:

So strange.

Happy belated Halloween.

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