Describing Our Largest Custom Solution in Years

In our last entry, we described our Turnkey Delivery and Installation Services, which are great for our customers who don’t have the resources or don’t want to deal with turning a yard ramp into a safe, secure, and productive function of their business flow.

By experience, this is a terrific value-added service, designed to smoothly and efficiently put your ramp into operation. We have two prominent turnkey services that account for some 90% of this work:

Our customers need to secure an offloading piece of equipment to pick the ramp off a flatbed truck and place it on location, either at the dock or in the lot and ready for immediate ground-to-truck use.

Dock Installation
Installation of the dock ramp at a loading dock involves physically connecting a ramp to a dock so that it will not vibrate off the dock ledge while in use. We either spot-weld or anchor bolt in a variety of techniques depending upon the particulars of the dock location.

Here’s a great – and extreme – example of our turnkey services:

We recently completed a sale with turnkey solutions, where the ramp was so big – 20 feet wide – it required shipment in four parts, which required completion of assembly on site.

This was a high-capacity ramp, designed to support 80K lbs. (Yes, our Custom Solution portable ramp & platform systems are precisely geared to accommodate such special orders).

YRG: Custom Solutions
Our Largest Custom Solution in Years

The work we orchestrated included a crew of people who performed:

  • welding together of the sections
  • welding of the support legs (16 legs in total)
  • connection of leg bolts to the dock base
  • connection of legs to ground to cement slabs via lag bolts
  • touch up painting

At every step of the process, The Yard Ramp Guy team maintained precise and clear communication with all of the professionals involved. This included:

  • Our Manufacturer (which created the custom ramp to exacting specifications)
  • The Logistics Provider (which executed pickup and delivery on schedule to eliminate any idle waiting time)
  • The Wrecker Service (for off-loading and positioning of the yard ramp sections)
  • The Installation Team (which provided welding expertise, installation of support legs, anchoring the ramp to the dock, and anchoring the dock to the paved surface)

Whether your business needs a standard dimension ramp or a custom solution, The Yard Ramp Guy has the hands-on experience to complete your transaction – from placing the order to delivery and installation.



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