YRG: Live Locator Map

Finding Your Ramp Fast

When it comes to finding reasonably-priced purchases and rentals of our inventory, geography is destiny.

To be more precise: geography is origin and destination. If your business is in Los Angeles, it makes more economic sense to seek out a nearby yard ramp, as opposed to one in Philadelphia.

Provided the inventory matches your requirements (which The Yard Ramp Guy team will confirm—and reconfirm—during the transaction process), buying and renting locally will always save your company in terms of delivery charges.

Throughout our website pages, you’ll find this:

Location Matters!

We strategically locate our storage depots throughout the United States — currently in NJ, PA, VA, FL, OH, GA, TX, MO, CO & CA.

Most of The Yard Ramp Guy’s yard ramps sit within 250 miles of 90% of the population. This results in considerably reduced delivery and return freight costs.

With that in mind, in mid-2015 we introduced our Live Locator Map on the website. To our knowledge, this is the only locator of its kind in the industry.

Here you’ll find our up-to-date inventory. The map itself should look familiar to those who surf the net regularly—that’s a Google map that we’ve customized via the terrific software package that our friends at eSpatial have created.

The results, and your exploration, of the map are simple and intuitive.

Red pins mark our Rentals.

Black pins mark our Used for Sale.

Green pins show Manufacturing Plants.

Click on any given pin to open a box that provides basic information: Type, Model Number, City, State, Zip. And clicking on the hyperlink takes you directly to that listing on our site.

We do our absolute best to keep the Live Locator Map up to date. That said, The Yard Ramp Guy juggles fluid situations with inventory on a regular basis, and some available ramps may not be shown.

So, give us a call. We’ll work with you to find the right yard ramp for your company, whether renting, buying used, or buying brand new.



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