Two Different Meanings, Same Results

In our business model, we speak of “integrity” in at least two ways.

The first involves the integrity of our business—how we approach potential customers, existing customers, vendors, members of the team, and manufacturers.

The second involves the integrity of the yard ramps and stationary dock ramps that we sell and rent.

In our eyes, both involve structural integrity. How we structure our business model is just as important as how a yard ramp itself is structured. Both are essential to our never-ending campaign to earn your trust and your business.

This came to mind when we happened across this map of global shipping routes. You’ll see the continents in black, with commercial shipping density lined in red. What strikes us about this map is the origin and destination points. Naturally, as we’re looking at ocean freight, these points all begin and end at a coastline.

The Intersection of Yard Ramp and Inventory
The Yard Ramp Guy: Connections and Integrity

Zone in on, say, the United States, and one thing becomes clear: our major ports sit in the most volatile places. The West Coast, prone to earthquakes. The Gulf, prone to hurricanes. The East Coast, prone to hurricanes.

While these ports by no means represent the final destination, they’re essential to the supply chain. And they’re seemingly in the most vulnerable locations.

Just as those crews secure their ships to the port prior to loading or offloading, your yard ramp’s security—whether a stationary ramp bolted to the bay or a portable ramp positioned at the back of a delivery vehicle, wheels up—is essential to the safety of the crew and inventory and to the streamlined flow of operations.

That’s why The Yard Ramp Guy team will spend a lot of time discussing your requirements. Mike will ask you many questions about the specific dimensions of your forklift, your loading dock, your inventory prior to sale or rental. And that’s why Jim will explore the width of your company’s driveway and operations staging, toward offloading a purchase or rental and any turnkey services you may require. And part of that turnkey service is bolting and welding, toward providing a safe, secure ramp.

Your yard ramp’s most vulnerable points echo that shipping route map above. It’s where your inventory disembarks from the ramp that most concerns us. We want you to keep your crew safe. Your customers want to receive undamaged inventory. Everybody needs and deserves structural integrity.


Graphic: B.S. Halpern (T. Hengl; D. Groll) / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons

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