Whatever It Takes

Back in the Day

Back in the day, we knew a banker in a Midwestern town. Vice President of This and That, he would lick each stamp and envelope of his voluminous holiday cards he sent to family and friends. We asked him why; surely there are self-sealing envelopes and peel-off stamps. His answer: “Whatever it takes to get the job done.”

We know a driver who simply doesn’t like left turns. And so, whenever possible, she instead makes three right turns to get to where she wanted. Whatever it takes.

We know a guy named John Henry, who used his hammer and muscle to compete against a steam-powered rock drilling machine. And he won. Though he died soon after. But point taken.

We knew a guy named Neo who used his special set of skills to take down the Matrix of artificial intelligence machines controlling the planet.

And now we know a farm operation in Wisconsin that uses two mules to help offload what looks like either bales of seed or bedsheets and get them to the barn.

Which is as good a time as any to remind you that we buy, rent, and sell new and used mobile yard ramps and stationary dock ramps all across the United States.

As an added bonus . . . with our industry-disrupting Turnkey Services, we can help you with the delivery, off-load, and installation of your ramp (via mule by special request only, depending on availability).

Our ramps never need feeding or watering.

Just saying.

From The Ramp Rules Blog:

This week our man McCoy Fields has his own mule story? Of course, he does. He’s McCoy.

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