Planning Ahead

How We Fit Into the Mix

As our friends at MHI define it, Material handling is “the movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal.”

From experience (and from continued robust sales and rentals), our mobile yard ramps and stationary loading dock ramps are essential to those operations without permanent inclines at their bay doors.

And yet, our inventory is part of much more than getting your inventory from Point A to Point B.

MHI lists three applications of material handling as Forecasting, Resource allocation, and Production planning. Those are readily grasped in light of the curious status of strawberry Pop-Tarts. From Southern Living:

“Walmart officials revealed that sales of strawberry Pop-Tarts increase by as much as seven times ahead of hurricanes, which is why they make sure their shelves are flush with the beloved toaster pastries ahead of time…

“Experts believe that their pre- and post-storm popularity has a lot to do with their long shelf-lives and that fact that you can eat them with or without a toaster should the power go out during nasty weather.”

As in: Storm’s coming. History shows that people are going to stock up on this food and that widget. We need to ramp up production and delivery.

Now, we know that yard ramps don’t save the day in disaster recovery. Yet, in terms of process flow, the yard ramp serves as an important component of warehousing and manufacturing operations. We’re quite proud to contribute.

With that scenario very much in mind: while we don’t manufacture yard ramps, we do have quality inventory strategically located throughout the country (and mostly within 200 miles of 90% of the population).

That’s The Yard Ramp Guy’s version of forecasting and resource allocation.

From The Ramp Rules Blog:

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