Yard Ramp Sales: Asking the Right Questions

In business, we are judged by the questions we ask. At The Yard Ramp Guy, we want you to judge us.

In our experience, the reason potential clients get nervous about a decision on their yard ramp sales is that they don’t know what they don’t know; understandably, they’re concerned about making a wrong decision.

Our goal is to establish, maintain, and grow great synergy between the seeker of the solution and the problem solver.

Recently, we received a call from a company that bought a new yard ramp. It was the wrong size—too narrow for their needs. They wanted to know if we could help get them the right yard ramp and sell their now-used yard ramp, recovering some of that loss and converting it back to cash.

We receive one or two of these calls each month—simply, in our view, because the original seller didn’t ask the right questions.

Our key question in any conversation with a potential client: What are you trying to accomplish?

x5JHNVhqobM5mQFmj_smLizzzF_fTRSoqPRBlBTPaUMFor example: A potential client calls and wants a yard ramp with 16,000-pound capacity, 70 inches wide, 30 feet long, and they want it to be mobile. The Yard Ramp Guy takes this a step further. We want to know the specifics pertaining to their business and what they’re trying to accomplish with this ramp.

And the major differentiator is our follow-up question: At what point do you think you’ll no longer need a yard ramp? Which leads to a discussion about the buyback.

To our knowledge, The Yard Ramp Guy is the only company in the business that deals with the exit transaction—in the very first yard ramp sales conversation—to help our customers turn their yard ramp back into cash.  We help them envision the entire arc of the yard ramp’s usefulness to their business.

This holistic approach converts the conversation: from the negative impression of salesmanship to the positive experience of guiding our prospects through their buying process.

Everybody wins.