cart1Update to “Above and Beyond”

In a recent blog we detailed how The Yard Ramp Guy goes above and beyond, both for our clients and those who may not even become our customers. The personal touch and connection with people motivates us to provide the best yard ramp customer service.

In this particular situation, a woman with a company that manufactures specialty vehicles wanted to rent a yard ramp—for literally a couple of hours—to load a custom-designed cart to a container truck for transport from Granbury, TX to Seattle, WA. Even though I knew straight away that a yard ramp rental from us would not be cost effective for her, we brainstormed a do-it-yourself workaround. She was thrilled with the ideas, and I asked her to let me know how it worked out.

Well, Georgeanna of Big Dog Custom Carts of Texas has responded and was kind enough to send a couple of photos. The custom-built pallet worked out great; the on-load, the transport, and the off-load went smoothly; and their client was thrilled to receive the golf cart with not so much as a scratch!

Total cost: a few hundred dollars, as opposed to a few thousand, including lockdowns, straps, hooks, and lumber. They even built customized wheel chocks in front and behind the tires, to doubly ensure no movement while on the pallet.

Another example of The Yard Ramp Guy helping the customer develop better ideas, which leads to better, stronger relationships.