Relationship Generating for the 21st-Century

Our Internet presence started when our business incorporated in 2011 and we began selling and renting new and used yard ramps. The Yard Ramp Guy has grown—solidly, steadily, and remarkably, by our estimation, over these four plus years. And so, we’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. We’ve created a fresh new look to match and mirror the innovation and flexibility of the business itself.

And so: our new website. Our fully replatformed builds upon the folksiness of our original style… but now adds a state-of-the art approach; bridging and weaving old-school values with 21st-century technology.

When you tour the site, please note these dynamic features:

  • A responsive platform built to work equally well on desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones.
  • An easy-to-navigate visual presentation of our available new, used, and rental yard ramps.
  • Our Live Locator Map showing the City, State and Zip Code of our Rental Fleet, Used Inventory and factory sites for new ramp production. Simply click on any colored pin to view the item’s type and location. Then click the hyperlink to navigate directly to the ramp’s full description, specifications photos and availability status.
  • Simple forms to both Request a Quote and Sell Your Ramp.
  • Our Yard Ramp Guy Blog, fully incorporated into the site, each week presenting insights to who we are, what we do, and the not-so-secret secret to our success (hint: it’s all about exceeding customer expectations for price, timing, service and our willingness to “make a deal” work).

Businesses have many choices in how they present themselves on the Internet. (Having no web presence was not an option for us.) By design, we stay away from eCommerce. Our transactions include many variables—every situation is different. We require, in almost every transaction, human interaction, a conversation or email exchange.

Our website is referred to as a lead-generating website, which we are not wholly in agreement. “Lead-generating” implies it is set up to provide essential information about us (our “value proposition”) in an attractive, easy-to-understand way that prompts our potential and returning customers to call us and to use our contact forms.

The Yard Ramp Guy takes just a bit of an exception to that term. A “lead” is just too impersonal for the way we conduct ourselves.

So we call it a Relationship-Generating Website. Why? It’s our approach to doing business: we’d much rather establish communication and trust than make a quick buck. That’s what drives our company’s success: Success with our customers, success with our vendors and success within our Yard Ramp Guy team.

We like our new site. We trust you will, too and invite your feedback. Please write us. Tell us what you think. And tell us how we can improve your online experience with The Yard Ramp Guy.