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The Yard Ramp Guy: The 180% Solution

The 180 Percent Solution

“Effective communication,” said Jim Rohn, “is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.”

With all respect to Mr. Rohn, The Yard Ramp Guy team is so passionate about the work we conduct that we feel compelled to change his formula a bit:

Our effective communication is 80% what we know and 100% how we feel about what we know. Total: 180%.

Why is what we know only 80%? We’ll be the first to tell you that we don’t know everything. You’ll understand that on our very first phone conversation, when we ask you about your requirements and loading bay specs and what will be traveling up and down that forklift ramp. Beyond that, we feel 100% enthusiastic and proud of our company and work and business model.

That’s our 180% Solution.

We describe below the rental scenario in some detail for you:

How do I rent a forklift ramp?

Simply phone us or click our site’s Request a Quote to get the process started. We’ll ask you to provide as much detail as you can to assure an accurate quotation from us.

May I pick up and return the forklift ramp myself or through my preferred carrier?

Yes. However, we will need details of the move and your carrier, and we reserve the right to refuse approval.

When will my forklift ramp arrive?

Setting up delivery takes place only after we receive your signed agreement, certificate of insurance and prepayment. For ground-to-dock applications, we also require customers to fill out our Ground-to-Dock Worksheet along with photos of your dock. Submitting your Rental Agreement, payment and other items early helps assure delivery in a timely manner.

If my Rental Agreement is for two months, but I need it longer, what do I do?

Simply call us at 888-977-4224. We will extend your Rental Agreement and email you an invoice for the extension at the same rate as shown on your Rental Agreement. Rest assured, we will not pull your forklift ramp for use by another customer until you are finished with its use.

Who is responsible for repairs?

Contact us at 888-977-4224. We will arrange for a service call and repair at no charge, providing the cause of the repair and maintenance is not “misuse” as detailed in our Terms and Conditions. Note that repairs are rare and forklift ramps require maintenance quite infrequently. In most situations, customers generally have competent “mechanically inclined” employees who are more than capable of handling the necessary repairs and maintenance.



Oh, McCoy Fields . . . we’ll let you deal with the nature of percentages in one of your posts. In the meantime:

Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it.Irving Berlin