Safety, Cost & Test Runs for Your Portable Loading Dock

The Yard Ramp Guy | Loading Dock

Businesses do this all the time: You take stock of your company’s logistics. You decide to optimize the flow of inventory into an out of your facilities. You discover that a recurring delay keeps cropping up at the loading bay and at the door of the delivery truck.

Naturally, we’re talking about the flow of inventory. Keep in mind that the simplest things are often the most important. How do we best move our items—and pallets, and boxes—from point A to point B? 

Of the many portable loading dock benefits, here are three to remember as you make your decisions:


Used through a variety of industries, the portable loading dock provides versatility and mobility in loading and unloading your shipments. And with that ease come standard safety features like serrated grating for traction, safety chains for securing the loading dock to a trailer, the ramp clamp for moving your loading dock over short distances, and the optional tow bar that helps when moving pallets next to openings.

At the top of this list comes the safety of your team. The obvious benefit is your loading dock’s ability to literally carry the (appropriate) weight of a shipment on any given lift of your forklift forks, sharply reducing potential back, leg, and muscle injuries. This safety factor, often, provides reason enough to invest in a quality portable loading dock.

Cost Effectiveness.

portable loading docksTake the cost of a basic-model new portable loading dock—typically, between six and 15 thousand dollars—and then factor in your budget. Renting a loading dock rental can produce exactly the same service at a fraction of the cost of purchasing, and that means a faster return on your investment.

Much will depend on the terms of the rental agreement. Usually, your monthly rental payment will be cheaper the longer you rent. And, of course, with a rental you’ll eliminate any interest charges had you purchased a new yard ramp.

A Trial Basis.

Still unsure about the portable loading dock as a long-term investment? Renting one will allow you to “test drive” and gauge the loading dock’s efficiency for your business requirements

And here’s the added benefit to that test drive: if you discover that your loading dock does help optimize your operations, The Yard Ramp Guy will gladly discuss turning your rental into a purchase.