A Well-Deserved Honor

Nick's Towing  Sevice

The Yard Ramp Guy is thrilled and proud to share some wonderful news regarding one of our most valued vendors.

Nick Testa of Nick’s Towing Services in New Jersey has been named to the International Towing & Recovery Association Hall of Fame. 

Nick and his team have provided tremendous service to The Yard Ramp Guy for many years throughout the New Jersey/New York region. Nick has personally been instrumental in our growth as a national leader in the yard ramp business.

We congratulate Nick Testa on this prestigious and well-deserved achievement and honor.

The Company We Keep

Nick and his services provide an excellent example of the company we keep with our customers and vendors alike.

When we talk about fusing old-school values with 21st-century sophistication, we’re motivated by the experience and value of earning the trust of those clients and vendors.

For us, it’s all about reciprocity. You should expect your entire experience with The Yard Ramp Guy to be fair, respectful, and honest. Our first goal is to earn your trust, then to earn your business and, later, to earn your willingness to refer The Yard Ramp Guy to others. We take nothing for granted.

We approach this through strong, consistent communication; a laser-focus on the yard ramp business; and treating our prospects like clients and our clients like friends and family.Yard Ramp Guy Honors

We also treat our vendors as co-workers, depend on their expertise, and listen to their recommendations.

Trust us on this: there’s nobody in the world like Nick Testa. So, when we learn that he’s being inducted into the International Towing & Recovery Association Hall of Fame, The Yard Ramp Guy feels honored. It further validates our connection to the excellence of our partners in associated industries.



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