The Case for Domestic Consumption

An Indian steel company plans to pump $500 million into a manufacturing plant it owns in Baytown, Texas. Governor Greg Abbott said Monday the state will give the company a $3.4 million grant to jump start the expansion.

— Houston Public Media, March 26, 2018

United States Steel Corporation announced today it will restart one of two blast furnaces (“B” blast furnace) and the steelmaking facilities at its Granite City Works, an integrated steelmaking plant in Granite City, Ill.

— Globe Newswire, March 7, 2018

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The Ups & Downs of Steel: Price & Quality

Steel has been in the news. We suspect it will continue to make news. And while prices might fluctuate, The Yard Ramp Guy’s commitment to quality remains firm.

We’re keenly interested in steel.

As the largest single component of the majority of our portable loading docks and stationary yard ramps, steel is—literally—the foundation of our inventory.

From the beginning, we made a strategic choice to partner with manufacturers of new yard ramps who met three specific criteria. And so:

  1. All of our new yard ramps are U.S.-engineered.
  2. All are U.S.-made from U.S. raw materials.
  3. All meet U.S. testing standards.

Given that we are a high-volume dealer for our select manufacturers, we’re able to provide significant savings on new purchases for our customers.

It’s not just about the price point. Quality is where we draw the line. This involves the integrity of the design, the quality of the steel, the rigorous standards used in testing that integrity and that quality (core drilling, taking samples, x-raying the layers of metal).

Why this emphasis on ramps engineered, made, and tested in the U.S.A.?

First of all, we share a pride in contributing to the American economy with American-made yard ramps.

Even better is pride with substance: we choose to work with manufacturers that use the best materials. In our view, the highest quality stationary yard ramps and portable loading docks are made in the United States.

In our experience, pride with substance is the better form of patriotism.