We continue our occasional series, examining the various industries nationwide that, in our experience, rely heavily on portable loading docks to increase efficiency.

Helping the Wheels Keep Turning

yard ramp automotive industryThe US automotive industry is an enormous business that contributes to the economy in major ways. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the industry employing nearly a million people. The top five states for both vehicle and parts manufacturing are Alabama, California, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan.

For cars and trucks sales alone, Americans purchased some 17.5 million vehicles in 2015, generating nearly $437 billion in revenue for the automotive industry.

A number of associated industries contribute to the automotive landscape—from spare parts to tires, from oil and gas to windshield wiper fluid, and from windshield sunshades to that little air freshener that dangles from your rearview mirror.

These industries require production, many of which involve offsite forging and assembly (of, say, pistons). At each of these points in the process, businesses depend on their dock bays to load and offload inventory.

And that’s where The Yard Ramp Guy comes in.

portable loading docks automotive industryWith automotive—as with each of these industries we are spotlighting in our series—we realize that a portable loading dock is not the focus of any given business operation.

And honestly: we’re honored by this. Because we know that our quality ramp inventory helps our clients focus on their operations.

For example: a car parts chain orders a large supply of widgets to restock and bolster its current inventory. The widget producer creates the supply. The car parts chain has that order distributed to key geographic locations—for further distribution to its stores. Each of these locations utilizes a portable loading dock to easily move inventory to and from the delivery vehicle.

In this way, The Yard Ramp Guy provides an essential service toward optimizing delivery of those widgets.

We look forward to helping you streamline your business.



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