Successfully Rising to the Short-Term Challenge

The Yard Ramp Guy proudly offers AND delivers solutions for companies that require a short-term yard ramp rental. With this, we’re describing a one-day, one-week, or one-month rental. And that time frame is fairly common in various industries, including uses by stadiums, convention centers, and TV and movie studios.

With this shorter duration for the rental agreement comes a particular set of challenges that we address, and successfully so:

1. Freight Cost.

As with delivery of all heavy equipment, freight need to be factored in. We prefer to see freight charged at less than $1,200 each way. That’s why we’ve strategically located our ten storage depots around the country—in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, and two in California.

Location matters: our inventory, impressively, is generally within 250 miles of 90% of the population, which considerably reduces delivery and return freight costs.

2. Accountability.

Often, many people and sometimes many companies are involved in a yard ramp rental situation. Compounding this, the renter also might be a contractor for a third-party using the yard ramp (i.e., at a stadium or arena).

And so, we motivate all involved in the rental to be accountable for their roles. As in: the “Customer” is required to be the party responsible for the contract and payment. The “Point-of-Contact” is the person who actually receives the yard ramp and manages its departure.

3. Availability.

Some companies promote yard ramp rental as a marketing tool, with claims of availability. And that is a key differentiator. We’re The Yard Ramp Guy. Renting yard ramps: it’s what we do.

We’ve committed to this corner of the market because there’s a great demand for yard ramp rental. And we continue to grow because we communicate—your expectations and ours—with consistency, focus, and expertise.