To Boldly Go Where No Yard Ramp Has Gone Before

Ten and 49 sounds like a football referee gone haywire. (“Tenth down and 49 yards to go” doesn’t work.)

In The Yard Ramp Guy world, 10 and 49 makes better sense:

  • We’ve been in business 10 years now.
  • We’ve sold yard ramps to companies in 49 states.
Shining a Light on Our Holdout State

We added the 49th state to our portfolio just this month to a business in Anchorage, Alaska. From Prudhoe Bay to Anchorage, and from Fairbanks to Homer, The Yard Ramp Guy remains ready, willing, and able to cover all your needs for quality forklift ramps in Alaska.

We are grateful to (almost) The Last Frontier⏤”almost” because one state in our union remains the lone holdout to taking on a sale or rental from us.

You might immediately think that Hawaii is our lone straggler. And, well, we’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong. Hawaii said aloha to us in 2018 when a restoration and reconstruction business bought a stationary loading dock, for which we coordinated shipment 2,500 miles across the Pacific.

So, which state?

Vermont. Which is a bit surprising. Because WE L❤️VERMONT.

Now, we’re not knocking you, Vermont. We’re encouraging you. And we’ll shamelessly employ any number of tactics to have you join our Yard Ramp Guy union. Let’s try peer pressure: everybody’s doing it. And proximity: you’re near enough to the I-95 corridor to make delivery cost effective. And efficiency: we’re certain that either a portable forklift ramp or a stationary loading dock with help optimize your operations. And aesthetics: we’re confident that your Green Mountain State will maintain her natural beauty with our inventory.

Throughout our website, we frequently mention that location matters: With yard ramps located throughout the United States, most of our inventory sits within 250 miles of 90% of the population, which results in considerably reduced freight costs.

With or without an even, 50-state coverage, as we work into our second decade in business, we’re proud to help the nation’s industries grow.

This week, our man McCoy Fields gives us…yeah, well…a riveting history of the screw.

Click HERE to take a turn with McCoy.