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Yard Ramp Guy: Selling
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By experience, it’s through our conversations with you that we create a professional, trusting relationship and are able to proactively minimize any miscommunications. And we love questions—whether you ask them or we ask them. We highlight a selection of questions and answers, this week about selling your yard ramp:

How do I sell a yard ramp?

Our Sell Your Ramp form provides for all the information we’ll need you to share with us. We do require a set of digital photographs so we may make an appraisal. We will generally respond within 24 hours. We will call you promptly if more information or clarification is required. When we call, we’ll discuss the three ways in which we might choose to work together:

  1. The Yard Ramp Guy as your “Ramp Buyer”;
  2. The Yard Ramp Guy as your “Ramp Broker”; or
  3. Posting your ramp to The Yard Ramp Guy’s website as a “For-Sale-by-Owner” ramp.

How do you determine the value of my yard ramp?

The specifications, condition, and age of the ramp—along with the demand for such a ramp—are the criteria we use to determine the market value of your ramp.

Can I post my ramp on your site to sell it myself?

Yes! Our “For-Sale-by-Owner” option showcases your listing, which will appear in the same format as every other ramp you see on The Yard Ramp Guy’s website. We charge a one-time fee of 7% of the Asking Price you have determined for the ramp. We’ll include your contact name and phone number (or email) in your listing. This approach gives your yard ramp a broad regional and national exposure, as opposed to more limited promotion that sites like CraigsList provide. Here’s how the “For-Sale-by Owner” arrangement works:

  1. You determine the Asking Price.
  2. The Yard Ramp Guy invoices you for 7% of the Asking Price as a Posting Fee.
  3. Our Posting Fee Terms: Payment in full is due to The Yard Ramp Guy prior to ramp posting on websites.
  4. Your contact information will be included within the posting.
  5. You field all inquiries, issue all quotes, and handle transaction details.
  6. The Yard Ramp Guy will leave the posting active until you notify us to convert it to “Sold” status.
  7. Upon notification of sale, The Yard Ramp Guy reserves the right to continue the posting so long as all references to you, including name, phone number, and email are removed. Unit will be marked as “Sold.”



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