How We Fit, How We Lead

As we build on the Yard Ramp Guy Spotlight series in this space, we’re increasingly proud of our often-described scenario: our quality inventory, expertly matched to your requirements, delivered with excellent cooperation and communication, and working smoothly in the background to streamline your business operations.

Portable loading ramps, used forklift ramps, loading docks, or—simply—yard ramps: whatever you call them, we always strive to match your needs and exceed your expectations.

The industries we serve include Recycling, Retail, Automotive, Food Processing, Material Handling, and Event Planning—all the time working behind the scenes for some of the highest revenue-generating industries in the nation.

With that, we want to pull the curtain back and gladly expose two central approaches to how we conduct business:


We are judged by the questions we ask. This philosophy—which the entire Yard Ramp Guy team shares—converts us from the often negative impression of our being simply salesmen to the positive experience of guiding our potential customers through their buying process.

As in: we will never sell or rent you a yard ramp that doesn’t provide a good fit for your requirements.

Customer Service

One of our favorite “bad” quotations:

“Customer Service: Because we’re not happy until you’re not happy.”

We are judged by how we respond to the problems our customers encounter.

Most anyone can conduct a transaction with competence. We find hat the extra attention to the all-important details makes all the difference.

We believe the litmus test for excellence in customer service is how a business handles the needs of its customers when they experience a problem—regardless of how that problem originated.

Things happen: weather, miscommunication, and delivery vehicle breakdown, for example can cause delays.

Identifying problems is the easy part.

The key—and what we always strive toward—is in finding, presenting, and delivering a reasonable solution.



Next thing you know, our man McCoy Fields is likely to write about General Custer. Or custard…

The only difference between me and General Custer is that I have to watch the films on Sunday.Rick Venturi, Northwestern football coach