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Appreciating the yard ramp
The cost-effective beauty of a ramp.

Why a yard ramp?

Over the years, we’ve fielded thousands of phone calls from people looking to buy or rent a quality forklift ramp from our inventory. Whether a potential customer knows the precise specifications, needs our perspective in order to meet the requirements, or requires a custom solution: these conversations themselves are essential.

We always want to get it right. In our business, the only surprises should be how smoothly the discussion and transaction have flowed, from first call to delivery to putting the ramp into use.

Trust is very much part of this process. The Yard Ramp Guy is fortunate to have an extraordinary team in place—from Mike skillfully exploring the details of your specs to Jim orchestrating all aspects of the delivery and installation.

What’s sometimes discussed in these conversations (and, just as often, not discussed) is why our potential customers need a yard ramp. Not the more obvious reason, which is getting their products from truck to warehouse, or from factory floor to truck. Rather, it’s the configuration of the company’s building itself.

Some structures have loading bays constructed as part of the building, designed so that a delivery truck can back in, load or unload, and drive away. Just as often, though, a building does not have that configuration. (And that’s why we’re in business.)

The company then has some choices. Typically, the more expensive of these is to build a loading bay, replete with a graded approach and reinforcement of the building’s edge. That requires a contractor, or two or three, that can dig and grade and pour concrete, providing an irrigation channel for so the bottom of the bay’s incline doesn’t pool water.

That approach often requires an investment that will cost much more than a yard ramp. (Don’t forget the time and expense involved in securing construction permits.)

Then fold into the equation those businesses that rent—and don’t own—the warehouse space. And then top it off with those businesses that need a yard ramp only for seasonal spikes in production. Those logistics get complicated and expensive.

The beauty of a yard ramp itself rests in its relatively simple, yet powerful, design.

The beauty of the idea of a yard ramp rests in its cost-effective value.

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