We continue our occasional series, examining the various industries nationwide that, in our experience, rely heavily on portable loading docks to increase efficiency.

Distributing Consumer Goods Efficiently

In the United States, as throughout the world, retail sales benefit nearly everybody:

They generate profit for businesses. They create demand for production of inventory. And they supply the consumer with basic necessities and luxuries.

The term “retail” comes from the Old French: “tailler” means to cut off and clip, and it originated in the tailoring industry, as in cutting a length of fabric and shaping it into a garment.

We know retail as selling in small quantities. Naturally, the smaller batches come from larger ones. And this provides us a view onto the vast production and distribution industries and networks across the nation.

From the mining of metals to the picking of cotton, workers harvest those raw materials, prepare and then deliver them to processing facilities, where, say, the electronic devices or sweaters are tailored according to specifications.

From this point, the distribution process begins. Inventory reaches district warehousing, and from there the retail industry distributes merchandise to specific locations, where it is off-loaded and placed for display. The end-user—the consumer in all of us—takes that sweater or music player from the shelf for purchase, completing the circle.

The Yard Ramp Guy is proud to be involved in our national retail industry and its process. At each point in the “tailoring” of materials goods toward consumer spending in the marketplace, we have a strong history of placing new, used, and rental yard ramps at loading docks to ease and optimize distribution logistics.

Again, as we’ve noted throughout our “Spotlight” series, we’re fully aware that a yard ramp is not the focus of these industries. And we’re honored by that because this means our quality inventory is doing exactly what it’s designed to do: work efficiently and without problems so that our customers can keep their operations streamlined.

In the retail industry and in the many industries we serve: from collection of raw materials to consumer purchase, The Yard Ramp Guy is rewarded by helping to assure win-win situations for everyone involved.



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