Reviewing the Industries We Serve

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Back in January, we began our Yard Ramp Spotlight series. This effort draws attention to some of the major industries our loading dock inventory serves throughout the United States.

(You have easy access to these complete profiles through our Industries We Serve page.)

Though this is by no means exhaustive, our dozen industry summaries begin to form a substantial profile, and not just of the sectors to which we contribute. Put together, these categories begin to resemble the U.S. economy itself.

From Manufacturing to Recycling, from Agribusiness to Food Processing, from Event Planning to Trade Show Facilities, and from Building Materials to Construction: collectively these major industries make up a substantial percentage of the GDP.

As we’ve noted all throughout this year’s Spotlight series, The Yard Ramp Guy is fully aware that we’re not the focus of companies that buy and rent our yard ramps. In fact, we’re honored and proud of that reality; it means that our inventory is doing its job in all the right ways—working fluidly and with no complaint or glitch underfoot and under forklift wheels to help streamline operations.

Things change. Business sectors shrink and expand. Supply and demand often dictate economic needs and production. That said, let’s look at one industry example from our series:

When we profiled the Recycling Industry in January, the statistics showed that it generated about $90 billion per year in revenue.

Today, the most updated statistics point to the recycling industry generating some $106 billion in economic activity.

Again, we’re proud to contribute, especially in a scenario where we’re selling or renting a used yard ramp to a recycling business.

By its very nature, the production of recycled materials lowers costs and is better for the environment, as it needs less energy to manufacture. Everybody wins.

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