Safety Features Help Optimize Your Business

Call them what you will: yard ramps, portable loading docks, forklift ramps, or mobile yard ramps. They make a most excellent tool for loading and unloading your inventory to and from delivery vehicles.

Safety of equipment means safety for your employees, and that is The Yard Ramp Guy’s priority for all of the yard ramps we rent and sell. Standard features in yard ramp design are in place to put your mind at ease.

Mobile yard ramps have either of two kinds of mobility and leveling mechanisms. Both designs streamline the positioning of your yard ramp at the dock or delivery vehicle: The hydraulic hand pump creates a smooth and quick elevation of the yard ramp’s front lip to your desired height; open the release valve to safely lower the unit. The two-gear hand crank allows equally smooth positioning precision with marginal effort.

The floor of every yard ramp also has serrated grating to ensure that your forklift has proper traction while moving in and out of the compartment. This open design will prevent potentially hazardous buildup of debris and water. In addition, safety chains—standard in all of our sales and rentals—will secure your yard ramp to the trailer or loading dock.

With so many yard ramp options, we’re here to help you find the best solution to further optimize your business operations—with safe, high-quality equipment that’s the right match for your company’s requirements