Steel yard ramps have become one of the most sought-after, essential pieces of equipment in a number of industries nationwide. With tremendous versatility, yard ramps allow companies to load and off-load inventory—safely, efficiently, and quickly—from truck to dock door using a simple forklift. 

The Yard Ramp Guy maintains an extensive inventory of yard ramps throughout the United States. As you evaluate your company’s needs, we offer “The DAP Factor”—Durability, Affordability, Portability—as a high-level overview of yard ramp considerations toward streamlining your operations: 


Yard ramps are extremely durable and will serve your business for many years after purchase or rental. Constructed from welded steel, their base material can withstand harsh weather and heavy loads. They also require very little regular maintenance, allowing them to stay in proper working order with minimal effort on your part. 


New or used steel yard ramps are quite cost-effective. A new steel yard ramp averages six to fifteen thousand dollars, while buying used will average under the ten-thousand-dollar mark. If you need a ramp for only a short-term basis, consider renting a unit from our rental fleet. 


Portability may well be a key consideration in your selection of yard ramps. If your logistics requires bringing the dock to the product, a yard ramp can be moved to wherever the need is; this provides an excellent alternative to the permanent loading dock. By using a simple tow bar or ramp clamp, the yard ramp easily can be maneuvered into place so you may move your cargo. Another great benefit: depending on the configuration of your loading areas, the yard ramp can be used inside your building or outside your dock doors. Mini-Ramps and Lo-Dock Ramps increase the options for those with limited space. 


The DAP Factor: Durability, Affordability, Portability. Contact The Yard Ramp Guy to discuss your specific requirements.